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Fitness & Nutrition


The goal of this lab is to have a fun in a safe environment where students can participate in all activities. We  will play a variety of exciting games like freeze dance, dodgeball, obstacle coordination course, kickball, basketball relay, pass it off and so many more! We will also work to develop and achieve the following skills:

Ø Develop an attitude of sportsmanship and fair play in all activities

Ø Develop locomotive movements (walk, run, hop, skip, jump, gallop, and leap)

Ø Rolling, balancing and weight transfer

Ø Throwing, catching, and kicking

Ø Chasing, fleeing, dodging (skills used in tag and group games)

Ø Spatial awareness (moving through space by self and with others; moving in different directions; at different levels; and on different pathways)

Ø Develop personal skills

Ø Relationships (partners, cooperative group activities, and team sports skills)

Ø Recreational play and games with lifetime emphasis on health and fitness

Ø Build confidence and self-esteem through acquired skills

. This class is fun for everyone!!!


Lab Time 11:00 PM - 12:00 PM           Lab Cost: $135/yr. payalbe $15/mo.