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Mathematical Concepts

Welcome! I'm so glad that you are visiting my page! If you're visiting because your child is struggling in math, or if you need a little help in reinforcing what you're teaching at home, then I'm here to help. I will be teaching basic math concepts for 3rd graders up through 6th graders. I am here to help teach math to your child, so as to better solidify what they are learning at home. If math isn't your forte to teach either, this lab can be a great resource for you as well!

 A little about me....

I am a Christian wife, mom of 4, and a nurse. I was a full time nurse for 8 years, until last year after our 4th child was born and I started staying at home full time. Motherhood is a beautiful mess with a lot of sanctification! AMEN!? We had always discussed homeschooling and it was getting close to crunch time on taking that leap of faith in trusting the Lord in doing that. Not the calling I would have chosen for myself, but He is faithful and his fruit is showing and I am so thankful for his mercies. And now, we have 1 year of homeschooling under our belt! Woo hoo!

If you have any questions, please contact me at 409-790-7723.