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Class Schedule 

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Class Policies

Classroom Behavior Expectations

In order to facilitate a beneficial learning environment, please review with your students the SCA code of conduct. We strive to provide a nurturing environment for all of our students. Unfortunately, sometimes the behavior of some students adversely affects the ability of other students to learn. Please be aware that students will be expected to be able to sit through a lecture/learning session. (Junior high and high school classes are a minimum of 90 minutes, and these students will be expected to take notes, treat their teachers and fellow students with respect, and comply with the teacher’s requests.)

If you believe your student may have difficulty complying with these guidelines, please contact the class coordinator or the administrator. Students who are unable to comply with these expectations will be asked to drop the class. (If an elementary student has difficulty, a parent may be asked to attend classes with the child.)


Enrollment Policy

Once you have enrolled your child in class and the class has started, you are responsible for the entire fee for the class. Please choose carefully as your account will not be adjusted for dropped classes. Please be aware that only students registered at SCA can be enrolled in classes. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Requests to drop a class must be provided in writing to the teacher and the class coordinator and are only accepted prior to the third class meeting. You are responsible for the entire fee for the class otherwise. Please choose carefully as your account will not be adjusted for dropped classes after this period.


See Tuition & Fees.


We look forward to a great year of learning together!