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What SCA Is and Is Not

What SCA Is . . .


What SCA Is Not . . .

  • SCA is an independent home school group that files a private school affidavit.
  • SCA is not a part-time school nor is it associated with any type of day school.
  • SCA allows you to choose your own teaching materials to teach your own children.
  • SCA does not mandate curriculum and does not provide or choose materials for you.
  • SCA provides support and encouragement through monthly meetings.
  • Meetings are mandatory and alternate between small in-home and large all-school.
  • SCA typically enrolls about 130 families each school year and requires membership in HSLDA.
  • Applying does not guarantee enrollment. After a family interview, SCA will extend a written notice of acceptance or denial.
  • SCA is a co-op. New families are not required to hold a staff position their first year; however, all families help with one group special event each year.
  • SCA does not have any type of membership that allows a family to participate without being a member of the co-op (records only).
  • SCA provides field trips and assemblies.
  • SCA does not have any drop-off events but requires parents to supervise their own children on field trips and at assemblies.
  • SCA provides some enrichment classes and choir for grades K-6.
  • Classes are not mandatory. Parents who enroll in classes must assist in the classes on a rotating basis. Parents enrolling in choir assist in putting on two choir productions per year.
  • SCA desires to assist parents in upper level academic classes and, therefore, attempts to provide class options for 7th-12th grade students.
  • Classes offered for 7th-12th grades vary year to year depending on the parents who volunteer to share their passion and gifts with our students. Classes are generally taught by SCA parents, some of whom may be credentialed teachers but are not necessarily.
  • SCA requires and provides yearly testing for grades 3 and up using TerraNova, with the exception of high school students taking a College Board test that year.
  • All families help with testing. Students in K-2nd grades may be tested for a fee.
  • SCA requires a strict dress code for 7th-12th grades.
  • SCA does not require uniforms.
  • SCA provides parent-planned activities for jr. high and high school students.
  • SCA does not offer sports.
  • SCA provides high school graduates with a cap and gown graduation ceremony and professional looking transcripts.
  • All children take part in Promotion Night. The senior class also holds a baccalaureate ceremony that focuses entirely on their class.
  • SCA authorizes work permit applications for teens.


  • SCA provides guidelines for a high school course of study and requirements to graduate with an SCA diploma.
  • SCA does not provide high school/college counseling. It is up to each family to research the best college options for their children and to plan a course of study to meet those requirements.
  • SCA graduates have gone on to many different colleges and to the military. There are graduates enrolled in both law school and medical school graduate programs.
  • Parents may choose their own requirements and award their own diploma.