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HCHA $25 Membership Scholarship Application

HCHA incurs expenses for each family from several sources – website charges, group insurance premiums, facility rental, Resource Room materials, etc.  The HCHA Board therefore asks that you prayerfully consider before applying for a scholarship.

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Applicant's Name:

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Applicant's email address:

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Name of applicant's homeschool:

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Are you currently homeschooling this year?

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Please list the names and ages of children being homeschooled:

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Are you a previous scholarship recipient for HCHA membership? If yes, please list the year/s.

As a member of HCHA, you were asked to help in the planning and execution of one event/activity to complete the participation requirement for membership. 

What event/activity did you sign up for? 

Did you fulfill your commitment to this event/activity?

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Are you a member of another homeschool support group/s.  If so, please list group/s.

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A limited number of HCHA scholarships are available for families with financial hardships.  Please describe your situation - as this will help us determine how we can better serve your family.

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Are you willing to help with two participation required activities/events?  One is required of all HCHA members.  Scholarship recipients would be required to fulfill two during the membership year.

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