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Membership Renewal

Dear TGIF Families,

If you plan to return to TGIF next year, it’s time to re-enroll your family. You may re-enroll beginning June 5th. The deadline for re-enrolling is June 15th.

Please send an email to if you are certain your family will not be returning to TGIF, or if you experience issues re-enrolling. If you plan to skip the fall classes, but hope to return in the spring or following fall you will still need to re-enroll and pay the annual $65 membership fee to keep your current member status. Otherwise upon returning you will need to re-apply to the waiting list and wait for a spot to open, we currently have 100 families waiting. After re-enrollment for returning members closes, we will be opening enrollment June 16th for new familes on the waitlist to fill any remaining spots.

Please follow these reenrollment steps in order.

To re-enroll:

  • Before signing in you must read the updated Statement of Faith. Also read the updated bylaws and info packet found at the bottom right of the TGIF website homepage. If you log in you will not be able to read the documents before being required to sign them.
  • After reading, sign in. A pop up box will inform you that you need to update your info, click close.
  • Skip forms for now and verify all family info is correct.
  • Update all children's grades, add new children, and update any medical / allergy info. This info will be accessible by teachers and aides.
  • After having read the updated Statement of Faith, check box 4, that you will resign the document. 
  • After having read the updated bylaws and info packet, check box 5.
  • At the top of your profile page update any emergency forms, complete a separate one for new children
  • Under Statement of Faith click "add new", and sign the updated document.
  • Register for a member job. You can access member jobs under class registrations. All members are required to fulfill one annual member job. 

- Payment is expected when you are notified through the forum that the invoice is ready. Do not pay auto emailed invoices until an email comes out on the forum by Terry or another Board member instructing you to. The preferred payment method is PayPal but if you would rather write a check, please make it payable to TGIF and mail it to Terry Delph. Further instructions on payment will come once registration closes. 

- If you do not plan to re-enroll in TGIF next year, please send an email to Brittany so you will not get constant reminders.