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Types of Classes That We Have Offered:

Through our 30 years as Marysville Home's Cool Co-op and now as Christian Homeschoolers of Marysville, we have offered many classes.  It is impossible to share with you every class that we have ever offered.  But if you are curious to see what we have offered or trying to determine the class that you want to teach next semester, this list will help you get an idea of where we have been.

  • Arts and Crafts - Architectural Drawing, Art Appreciation, Art History, Bookmaking, Clothing Design, Cross Stitch, Drama, Radio Theater, Movie Making, Drawing, Cartooning, Graphic Design, Jewelry Making, Macrame, Needlework, Knitting, Crochet, Painting, Origami, Paper Airplanes, Perler Beading, Photography, Scrapbooking, Video Productions, Woodworking, Yearbook, Calligraphy
  • Finance and Economics - Consumer Math, Financial Peace, Dollars & Sense, Money Matters for Kids
  • History - Ancient Civilizations, Renaissance Europe, Bible, Titanic, Biographies of Famous People, Christian History, Current Events, Foreign Country Unit Studies, Genealogy, Geography, Machines, Middle Ages, US History, American Girl History, World Governments, U.S. Presidents, WA State History
  • Language Arts - Grammar, Journalism, Folk Tales and Fairy Tales, Poetry, Classic Literature - Heroines, Book Report Writing, Finding God in the Lord of the Rings, Five In a Row, Draw - Write - Now, Symbolism in Narnia, Shakespeare (also in Drama), Dr. Seuss, Essay Writing and Creative Writing, Spelling Bee, Cursive Writing, Note-taking, Journaling, Story Starters
  • SAT Prep
  • Speech and Debate
  • Storytelling
  • Games - Learning Games, Game Design, Word Games, Math Games
  • Foreign Languages - Japanese, Latin, Sign Language, Spanish, French
  • Living Skills - Babysitting, Community Service, Cooking, Critical Thinking, Computer Anatomy, Fallacy Detective, Knot Tying, Survival Skills, Soap Making
  • Mathematics - Family Math, Math Facts, Math Games, Manipulatives
  • Music - Choir, Guitar, History, Appreciation, Recorder, Theory
  • Physical Education - Field Sports, Recess Games, Presidential Fitness, Family Time Fitness, Sports, Hula, Baton, Dance, and Swim Lessons
  • Science - Anatomy and Physiology, My Body, Body Book, Animal Studies (Birds, Dinosaurs, Horses, Insects, Pets, Pond Life, Sea Life, Australian Animals), Biology Dissection, Earth Science, Garden Science, First Aid, Geology, Health, Microbiology, Nature Study, Science Fair, Simple machines, Chemistry, Basic Physics, Minature Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Computer - Coding and Photoshop