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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: All the information below pertains to our regular co-op meetings during non-COVID times. As COVID restrictions loosen up and we begin to be able to meet again, some things may look a bit different for a while!

When does the co-op meet?
Where does the co-op meet?
What ages can attend?
What kinds of classes does the co-op offer?
Why are grades 6-12 grouped together?
Does the co-op do field trips?
How much does the co-op cost?
What happens on a typical co-op day?
What do parent(s) do during co-op?
Can I request to be in my child(ren)'s classes? How about to stay with my baby or preschooler?
Is the co-op affiliated with any particular Christian denomination?
How can I sign up for classes?


Q: When does the co-op meet?

A: We meet Fridays, 9:00am-12:45pm, for 11 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the spring. Fall term typically runs September-November, ending the week before Thanksgiving. Spring term usually begins around the second week of February and ends the first week of May. (Dates will vary depending on the calendar year!) (top)


Q: Where does the co-op meet?

A: We currently meet at a church in Everett off of I-5, taking the 41st St exit (exit 192). Please note: The co-op is not a ministry of its host church, so please direct all questions to co-op leadership (you can find our information on the Contact Info page). (top)


Q: What ages can attend the co-op?

A: We offer classes for nursery-high school age children. We do require that at least one child in each registered family be school-age (Kindergarten or higher). We offer nursery and preschool classes for younger siblings. (top)


Q: What kinds of classes does the co-op offer?

A: Class offerings change each term! All classes are taught by co-op parents, so subjects and topics available depend on what parents wish to teach. You can check out a list of Classes We Have Offered to get a feel for what has been available in the past. (top)


Q: How do you determine the ages for a class?

A: Class offerings are adjusted each year, based on the current enrollment of our group.  We always group grades together, but may shift the age ranges slightly to maintain smaller class sizes.   (top)


Q: Does the co-op do field trips?

A: Sometimes! When someone is available to serve as field trip coordinator, we do offer several opportunities each term for off-site field trips (usually not during co-op hours). Specific classes (such as Washington State History) may also plan field trips that enhance class content. In addition, we have an active online Facebook community where co-op members can share opportunities for field trips, play dates, homeschool-related classes and opportunities, and more. (top)


Q: How much does the co-op cost?

A: We try to keep co-op costs as reasonable as possible, so as many families as possible can attend!

Each family pays a $75 Membership Fee per semester, which covers our facility use, insurance, and operating costs. First-time families must pay a $37.50 background check fee for each adult who will be attending co-op with their children. Background checks are good for 3 years and then re-run when expired.

Class fees vary based on the classes selected and can be considered before you register. They are typically less than $20 per class, and sometimes as low as $0. These fees go directly to the teachers to cover class supplies for your student.

A family with three children might expect to pay somewhere around $150 for their first semester of co-op. (top)


Q: What happens on a typical co-op day?

A: Co-op runs 9:00am-12:45pm, which includes chapel, three class periods, and lunch. All families who register for classes are expected to attend the entire day, unless otherwise arranged. Parents are assigned to teach or help in a classroom each period.

Please plan to stay an additional 15 - 30 minutes after co-op ends to help clean up the classrooms in which you're helping during 3rd period and help prepare the church building for the weekend services. Once or twice each semester, each family will be assigned to stay after to help clean up the common areas. Please plan to stay until about 1:30pm on your assigned day! (top)


Q: What do parent(s) do during co-op?

A: The co-op is a group effort, and parents are required to stay and participate. There are no teachers at co-op - just parents like you, some of whom happen to be teaching classes! Every parent will be assigned to a classroom to help out each period. (top)


Q: Can I request to be in my child(ren)'s classes? How about to stay with my baby or preschooler?

A: When you register, you can specify preferences for the classes you wish to attend. If you have a particular need to stay with a child (because of nursing, separation anxiety, etc), just let us know!


Q: Is the co-op affiliated with any particular Christian denomination?

A: Christian Homeschoolers of Marysville is not affiliated with any particular Christian denomination, and we have families from many different denominations who attend. However, to make sure we are on the same page about the foundations of our faith, we do ask that all families who attend the co-op read through our Statement of Faith and make sure they are in agreement with and support of it before committing to attend classes. (top)


Q: How can I sign up for classes?

A: We're so excited that you're interested in joining us at Christian Homeschoolers of Marysville! To get connected, follow the steps below:

  1. You can send us a Membership request here.
  2. Once your membership request has been approved, you can log in to our online platform and register for classes for the upcoming term. The registration fee of $70 must be paid before the end of registration, in order to reserve your place. Class fees will be billed to your online account and must be paid prior to the first week of classes.
  3. If registration is not open, or we are full for the coming term, but you'd like to be on the mailing list to be notified of registration openings in the future, please e-mail us at chomarysville@gmail.com! (top)