Family Christian Homeschool Co-op

Annual Membership Fees

Our annual registration and per semester general tuition fees are charged per family, not per student. Some classes will have additional material cost fees. There is a substantial discount in the per semester fee for members who teach.

Drop-Off Student Fees

There is a $60 non?refundable registration fee (see above, applies to ALL families), plus $75 per student per class per semester. There may be additional class materials fees. If the class is taught by a paid (non?member) instructor, their fee is in addition to the co?op fees listed above and must be paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of co?op. Classes taught by paid instructors are marked with an asterisk (*) and fees for the class as well as additional class descriptions can be found on our website.

Class-related Fees

Additional Materials Fees: Some classes will have additional material cost fees. These class fees vary and are paid to the Co-op in the fall before classes begin. Click on Class Info > Class Descriptions page link in the left menu bar for fees on individual classes.