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We are unashamedly a Christian Home Education Group made up of believers who seek to honor the Lord in our homeschooling & corporately as well.

All FAITH members, Board officers, and teachers/coaches are volunteers. By signing up to become a FAITH member, you are required to volunteer, lead, or serve with at least 2 FAITH CO-OP EVENTS or ACTIVITIES. This does not include your required volunteer time with Academics, Enrichment or Athletics programs if you choose to participate in  the educational class programs or athletic programs. These programs have additional volunteer time requirements. A homeschool co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals.

FAITH Home School Group has a lot to offer its members:

  • Field Trips – FAITH organizes at least one field trip per month. Normally we sponsor many more! (additional costs may apply)
  • Special Events – FAITH sponsors many special events including an Kick Off, Family and Teen Fall Festival, Elementary and Teen Christmas Parties, Valentines Day Party, and Field Day.
  • Educational Opportunities –We also have actively worked to gain entrance and recognition with organizations such as the VFW, the Optimist Club, and other organizations in order to participate in their essay and speech contests. High school students have the opportunity to attend the APES seminar and other community-sponsored special events through their FAITH involvement.
  • Support for members with homeschooling questions & concerns - Members help each other using their own experiences and expertise. Members often discuss curriculum they have used and what has or hasn’t worked for them. (Used curriculum is often available from individual members.)

We also have extras that you get access to by becoming a FAITH member. Additional registration fees and/or volunteer time will apply.

  • Enrichment - FAITH's Enrichment co-op offers classes for K-6th grade students. Classes are parent-led and focus on topics such as art, music, missions, foreign language, PE, manners, and Legos. (Classes vary from semester to semester based on parental involvement.) Classes meet once every two weeks for 8 weeks per semester. (Additional registration and fees required)
  • Academics - FAITH's Academics co-op offers core & elective classes weekly for 6th through 12th grade students. Academic classes consist of a variety of Apologia sciences, Saxon math, language arts, history, and other electives. Classes are parent led, and parental participation is required. Planning for fall classes begins each spring and enrollment runs through mid-July. Classes start at the beginning of August and run through early May. (Additional registration and fees required)
  • Athletics - FAITH Defenders
    • Archery teams for grades 4th-12th in the NASP league
    • JV/Varsity Boys’ Basketball (fall/winter) 7th-12 grade in the KCSAA homeschool league 
    • Competitive Cross Country team K-12
    • JV/Varsity Girls’ Volleyball (fall/winter) 7th-12 grade in the KCSAA homeschool league 
  • High School Dance and Graduation
  • High School and Middle School Game nights
  • JOOI Club

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Statement of Faith

Code of Conduct and Dress code

If you have questions, please feel free to contact a FAITH Board Member:

Alyssa Fortenberry, President  

Ann Cheser, Vice President 

Tesia Rivera, Treasurer

Allison Willis, Secretary

Sara Anderson, Member-at-Large