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Enrichment for the Fall 2020 Semester

Enrichment Update

FAITH families,

Enrichment registration closed on July 31. Through much consideration, the committee has concluded that we are unable to safely provide an in-person Enrichment semester for Fall 2020.

Our hope and prayer is that in-person Enrichment classes will resume in Spring 2021.

In the meantime, we are excited to focus all of our efforts on providing virtual classes this Fall to keep our families engaged and connected with one another. This will be open to all FAITH registered families with children K - 6th grade with possible classes for PreK and Older Siblings. Best of all, we are offering this program for FREE (families will purchase their own materials from a teacher-supplies list).

Step 1: WE NEED TEACHERS!! No Zoom experience necessary! Like our typical in-person semester, your class may be a bi-weekly, semester-long class. It may also be a one-time class or only meet a few times. We want to offer as much flexibility as possible in order to accommodate as many families as possible. Our plan is to offer classes that do not coincide with another class (giving students who want to sign up for more than 1 class the opportunity to do so).

If you would like to teach a virtual class, please email Tesia at tesiarivera@yahoo.com by Aug. 12. Please include the subject/class you plan to teach, your preferred day of week and time, class length, and age/grade levels that could participate. Our hope is to offer each class for a range of grade levels so families can involve several of their children in each class they choose to participate in (for example, an art class recommended for grades K-2, or a drama class recommended for grades 2-4, or a fitness class for any age, etc.).

Step 2: We will open student registration on or about Aug. 12. We will host an open forum via Zoom on Aug. 20 at 2 pm to answer any questions. This meeting is not mandatory; however, it would be helpful if teachers can be on the meeting to answer any class-specific questions. Student registration will close on Aug. 23.

Step 3: Rosters will be distributed to teachers so supply lists can be sent out. Classes will begin the week of Sept. 7. Classes will take place on Zoom. Website links to join the class will be emailed out to participants. Please keep in mind that these classes are for FAITH families only (links are not to be shared publicly).

We look forward to working with everyone to make this the best Enrichment semester possible!

Your FAITH Enrichment Committee

Tesia, Ann, Krista, Liz, & Haley Anderson

FAITH Enrichment Vision and Direction Statement

Our Vision: To represent our Lord well, by diligently doing what is right. We want and expect that, as Christians, participants in Enrichment will conduct themselves in a godly manner, understanding that we do ALL that we do to the glory of God. (I Corinthians 10:31)

Our Direction: To provide quality classes that will be enriching the students’ education, while establishing relationships that will further each family’s homeschooling process.

For Teachers:

• Teachers should be committed to their classes. This means being present at each class session and also preparing prior to each class session.

Teachers will be expected to maintain discipline within their classes and to lead classes in such a way as to instill a sense of excellence and godliness into their students.  Please read the By-laws.

Teachers and Assistants are expected to be to Enrichment on-time: 12:30

For Students:

• Classes will not be core subject material, but they will not be fluff either. At upper levels, teachers may expect some work to be done at home.

• Students will be expected to participate in the classes and maintain appropriate behavior. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action which may include termination of eligibility to be part of the Enrichment program.

Understanding that each family in the group is making their own homeschool journey, we will make every effort to come alongside each other in support, encouragement, and friendship.

Enrichment Committee 2020-21

Tesia Rivera - Co-coordinator - tesiarivera@yahoo.com  270-735-9539

Ann Clayton - Co-coordinator - 

Liz Reyes – Financial Secretary/ Secretary

Krista Voight - Schedule Coordinator 

Haley Anderson - Inventory