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Enrichment Co-op

Enrichment for the Fall 2020 Semester
will open July 10(for current families)
July 17 (new families) and Close Aug 9, 2020.  

Parents must attend the Mandatory Parent Meeting on Aug 10 at 6:30 p.m.

(To be part of Enrichment you are required to attend)

First Church of the Nazarene - 1200 N. Miles Rd., Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Enrichment consists of 8 co-op meetings in the fall and 8 meetings in the spring for K-6th grade.  Also if you have older children that you don't want to leave at home or just want extra-curricular activities we can help, we are offering an Older Sibling Class this semester. 
Enrichment Classes might be about health, science, art, missions, etc. depending on what parents volunteer to teach.  We will not know what classes are being offered until after the Parent Volunteer meeting has taken place.  The schedule will be completed approx. 1-2 weeks before the session begins.  This is not a drop-off program, one parent must stay on the premises at all times and must volunteer.
 We meet on these dates which are Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Fall Semester Dates
Aug 27
Sept 10, 24
Oct 8, 22
Nov 5, 19
Dec 3


How Enrichment Works
Families register/pay with Faith first and then the Enrichment program.  We fall under the Faith umbrella and are an additional option. 
Parents decide on either Teach/Assist, Assist or Assisting/Cleaning.  Here are the options.
        •  Teach/Assist - the parent chooses what type of instruction they feel comfortable with and what ages or grades.  The parent teaches for 1 hour (block) and choose a 1 hour (block) to Assist in a class.  This leaves 1 hour to get to know other moms.
       •  Assist Only - the parent chooses what ages or grades they would like to work with.  The parent assists for 2-3 hours (or blocks) as needed for the schedule.  
  • Assist/Cleaning Team - Parents will assist in classroom for 1-2 hours (block) each week and then stay after Enrichment to clean the church every other week.     *We will have 4 of these volunteer spots with 2 volunteer families alternating meeting weeks. 
After registration closes and the Parent meeting, the Enrichment Committee collects all of the information, such as numbers of children, grade levels and parent preferences and we build the class rosters as well as assign rooms.
The Committee then sends the schedules/assignments to the entire group. No changes will be made.  


Cost for Enrichment:

The first 2 children enrolled are $20.00 each. Every additional child thereafter is $15.00.  Nursery and 2-3 year old play learning class is $10 each.

FAITH Enrichment Vision and Direction Statement

Our Vision: To represent our Lord well, by diligently doing what is right. We want and expect that, as Christians, participants in Enrichment will conduct themselves in a godly manner, understanding that we do ALL that we do to the glory of God. (I Corinthians 10:31)

Our Direction: To provide quality classes that will be enriching the students’ education, while establishing relationships that will further each family’s homeschooling process.

For Teachers:

• Teachers should be committed to their classes. This means being present at each class session and also preparing prior to each class session.

Teachers will be expected to maintain discipline within their classes and to lead classes in such a way as to instill a sense of excellence and godliness into their students.  Please read the By-laws.

Teachers and Assistants are expected to be to Enrichment on-time: 12:30

For Students:

• Classes will not be core subject material, but they will not be fluff either. At upper levels, teachers may expect some work to be done at home.

• Students will be expected to participate in the classes and maintain appropriate behavior. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action which may include termination of eligibility to be part of the Enrichment program.

Understanding that each family in the group is making their own homeschool journey, we will make every effort to come alongside each other in support, encouragement, and friendship.

Enrichment Committee 2020-21

Tesia Rivera - Co-coordinator - tesiarivera@yahoo.com  270-735-9539

Ann Clayton - Co-coordinator - 

Liz Reyes – Financial Secretary/ Secretary

Krista Voight - Schedule Coordinator 

Haley Anderson - Inventory