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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide enrichment times, social opportunities, and wholesome, affordable activities for students, as well as information, support, and encouragement to home educating parents in Escambia County, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.

As believers in Christ we recognize the common beliefs of
1) one God eternal, existent in three: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
2) the atoning sacrifice of Christ as Lord and Savior,
3) the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, and
4) the Bible as the authority for right and holy living.

Membership Criteria
Any family who agrees with the purpose and the beliefs as stated above (or feels comfortable with those who do) may become members by completing an application form and paying the annual dues. Members are encouraged to attend meetings and support the activities of the group.

Membership Dues
Dues shall be paid once a year by the date set by Leadership or upon joining the organization. The amount to be paid each year is determined by the Leadership Committee.  Dues are used for supplementing the costs of HK&C activities (i.e. paper supplies, building usage, website fees, field trips, parties, etc.).

The governing body of this organization consists of a volunteer leadership team which is composed of two to three people, with two of those individuals serving as Co-Presidents.  No person shall serve for more than two consecutive years.  New leadership is appointed by those currently serving in leadership positions.  The Leadership Team is responsible for planning and scheduling activities, managing membership , maintaining the website, etc.

HK&C provides opportunities for our children to establish friendships with others in a safe environment. We make available group activities, as well as opportunities to teach a spirit of cooperation and community service.  Activities are reasonably consistent from year to year while allowing for fresh new possibilities.