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Upcoming Classes

Session dates for the 2018-2019 school year: 

  • Fall:  Sep 14 - Nov 2

  • Winter:  Jan 11 - Mar 1

  • Spring:  Apr 12 - May 31

Our group traditionally meets for classes from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. on Fridays. 

Please check out our class descriptions from past sessions and our FAQ section to learn more about how our club is structured. 

2018 Fall Classes

Opening Meeting (10:00-10:15)

1st Period Classes (10:15-11:15)

What Is Art? (FULL)

We are going to explore the many avenues of ART and a little bit of history about the art we create, through books, music, and food.

Pre-Requisites: None

Learning Objectives: Children will better understand that art can be many things other than a painting on a canvas.

What Materials will be Provided: Canvases, watercolor paper, paints, paint brushes, etc. 

Materials Students Need to Bring:

  1. Smocks, or an old oversized tee shirt that can stay for the 8 weeks. I will collect them at the end of every class.
  2. Newspaper for a paper mâché project.

Class fee: $20

Class size: 15

Astronomy 101: Space & Space Exploration (FULL)

In Astronomy 101, we will talk about what's out in space, how it works, and how we learn about. We will touch on wavelength, amplitude, light years, the pieces of the universe (stars, moons, planets), how we study space, and how astronauts get into and around space. (Spring Session will continue with Astronomy 102: Our Solar System.)

Pre-Requisites: Children will need to be work able to work with a partner or small group. Children should be able to listen and follow instructions, respect the classroom space and their peers, and handle some minor copy work. (Children don't need to read or extensively write, but will need to copy down a few things like measurements onto a child-friendly lab sheet.)

Learning Objectives: To broaden horizons about our universe and what's out there, while learning how to use a experimental model to have fun and discover astronomy.

Materials Fee: $15

What Materials will be Provided: All lab supplies.

Materials Students Need to Bring: A 3-ring binder - 1/2 to 1 inch.

Class Size: 15

Cooking - Recipe Origins (FULL)

Did you ever wonder how applesauce became something we eat? We'll explore different recipes and their origins/significance while learning some basic cooking skills.

Pre-Requisites: Ability to safely follow directions and try new things.

Learning Objectives: We will learn how recipes came into existence while creating them ourselves. 

Materials Fee: free

What Materials will be Provided: none

Materials Students Need to Bring:  Each week I will post on the website the Monday before class: the recipe & list of ingredients and cooking tools to bring. If your child has a specific preference/aversion/allergy to any of the ingredients, please supply a suitable substitute (eggs, flour type etc.). 

Class Size: 12

Group Exercise Period (11:15-11:45)

Movement & Games (FULL)

This class will give kids a chance to move, stretch, and let loose between class periods. Each week we will do fitness activities, play games, and practice yoga.

Pre-Requisites: none

Learning Objectives: Students will learn basic group games. Students will exercise and release energy.

Materials Fee: none

What Materials will be Provided: All necessary materials for games and activities.

Materials Students Need to Bring: Nothing 

Class Size: 45

Lunch (11:45-12:15)

2nd Period (12:15-1:15)

Letter of the Week (FULL)

We will be learning one letter each week through kinesthetic play and story telling. There will be lots of sensory play both indoors and outdoors.

Younger children will need an adult or older child of their own to assist. Children over 7 who need OT will get something out of the class as well.

Pre-Requisites: Can follow basic instructions and take turns without drama. 
Learning Objectives: Proper letter formation, gaining hand strength, and improvements in hand eye coordination. 

Materials Fee: $10

What Materials will be Provided: manipulatives, balancing stones, clay, printables, scissors, glue, crayons, etc. 

Materials Students Need to Bring:  I will need one volunteer each week to bring something for the touch bin: birdseed, pine cones, rocks, cotton balls, dried lentils, a few cups of anything interesting. 

Class Size: 15

Introduction to Spanish (FULL)

An introduction to basic Spanish through games, interactive activities, games, videos and music. The children will also learn about the different cultures from Spanish speaking countries.

Learning Objectives: Acquire a basic understanding of (and familiarity) with the language.

Materials Fee: $5 per child

What Materials will be Provided: Each student will be provided with a folder with the activities and resources that we will be working on each lesson. The students will take the folder home at the end of the session. They will also be provided with the necessary manipulatives for the games and hands on activities for the day's lesson.

Materials Students Need to Bring: None

Class Size: 15

Forensics (FULL)

Welcome to the world of crime scene science investigation and forensics. This class will be heavy on exploration and laboratory activities focused on learning different scientific disciplines every week leading up to a “real” crime scene the children will have to work together to solve. We will explore fingerprints, dna, hair follicles, and more. Every child will receive their own pocket microscope that they will be able to take-home at the end of the class. 

All materials needed for this class are included in the class fee and will be provided by the teacher.

Class Fee: $35

Class Size: 15

Class Registration

Class registration begins this week for our members. Based on current membership numbers, we expect all classes to fill quickly. On Monday, August 20, IF class space is available, we will open up registration to new families on our waiting list. (To join the waiting list go to the "Request Membership" section on the homepage of our website.)

Part of our purpose here at TV4H is to welcome every member of our community who wishes to join us. Unfortunately, we have already reached capacity at our current meeting location. A larger meeting location has not yet become available.

Our leadership team plans to meet on August 31 to discuss creative ways we can welcome more families given the resources we currently have. Any new information will be shared via our email and text message lists.