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Due to the size of our current meeting location, our club typically has a waiting list to join.

If space is available and your membership request is granted, participation in classes is then contingent upon officially joining our 4-H club and completing 4-H volunteer registration.

If space is not currently available, your request will be held on a waitlist until there is room for your family to join. Wait times are completely unpredictable. 

Please make sure you provide birthdates for your children on this form. Once you are a member, registering for age specific classes doesn't work without a birthdate in the system. 

Membership in our group is available to all children ages 5-19. We also welcome the younger siblings of our club members to hang out during our classes and sometimes even participate in organized activities, so you are encouraged to include the names and ages of younger siblings on this registration form so they can be included in head counts.

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Our group does not currently use the "Classifieds" capabilities of this website, so it makes little difference if you choose yes or no on those options. 


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Payment Instructions

TV4H Homeschool Co-op has $50/semester registration fees along with class fees. Classes range from $5-$35/class. These fees are due at the time of registration.