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X-miles, Adapting Workouts, and the Summer Mileage Program

Updated 3/14/2024.

Continuous Cardio-Cross Training Mileage, a.k.a. "x-miles" (= 1 mile running)
Your breathing and heart rate should be up continuously as though you are running!
X-miles may count toward a maximum of 20% of your Summer Miles.

Beware the “wish miles”... If you do not see an activity specifically listed here, do not assume it will count—even if it might have been approved in the past. For each new season, you must receive coach approval before logging unlisted x-miles, or it will be deducted from your totals. (For example, we might credit something during the T&F season but not for summer cross country run training. The intent of the Summer Mileage program is to adequately prepare for the running training and racing associated with the 5k cross country race distance.)

Chores (etc.) do not replace cardio training. If you have the opportunity to participate in strengthening chores, you have a great advantage to get stronger, even if these activities do not “count” toward your cardio-cross training. If you really want to log it for happy memories, that's fine--just don't log any numbers. :) For instructions on how to log non-x-miles for your own records, see the P.P.S. in the Running2Win instructions.

The point here is to give you full-body, continuous cross-training options that can fulfill the purpose of a given workout.

Be sure to log on running2win under “Cross Training,” and record x-miles and not actual miles. See instructions here.

  • 10 min. biking/spinning (approx. 3 miles biking = 1 x-mile)
  • 10 min. pool (or lake) running using an AquaJogger belt
  • 10 min. lap swimming
  • 10 min. jumping rope
  • 10 min. stair climber
  • 10 min. rowing machine (not canoeing as there is not enough legs/cardio)
  • 10 min. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Killer Matrix (not "weight lifting"--see team Training files or ask Coach)
  • 1 round of the full Strength Routine
  • 10 min. roller skiing
  • 15 min. rollerblading
  • 15 min. elliptical machine
  • 20 min. active play time in a soccer or basketball game
  • 45 min. soccer or basketball team practice (not just "shooting hoops")
  • 160 rods portaging 45+ lbs. or 2 miles backpacking 30+ lbs.

Again, x-mile equivalencies assume your breathing and heart rate are up as though running.

How to adapt an assigned workout when unable to run outdoors

Running outdoors is expected of outdoor athletes. :) But if it's icy or thunder storming, or you're stuck in a hotel (for example), the above cross-training options can be strategically incorporated to meet the objectives of the workout.

Using stationary equipment (exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine, etc.), you can simulate a workout by varying your intensity level as you go through the assigned minutes. If you do not have home equipment or access to a fitness center, then start watching the local for-sale postings for a free or cheap stationary bike.

Trying to do too many strength circuits (or killer matrices or HIIT intervals) in a row can be too much, but you could jump rope (for example) for the warmup/cool down/transition periods, and then fill in circuits for the main part of the workout.

If you need help, let us know in advance, and we can either adjust the day you work out or help pick a circuit that best meets the purpose of the workout. Happy training!


Summer Running T-shirts

  • Awarded to 2023 Cross Country team runners logging summer miles
    (11 weeks--Memorial Day through the Saturday before CC practice begins: Monday, May 29 - SATURDAY, August 12, 2023).
  • Use a GPS watch if possible. Fitbit-types are not accurate and not acceptable.
    A mileage calculator like
    googlemaps or onthegomap is OK.
    o not use a car!
  • Online logging is required via running2win.com; team members will be approved for free accounts but must follow the instructions here.
  • Mileage must be approved in advance by the head Coach at the beginning of the summer. See Team Calendar for due dates
    • Junior High (entering grades 7-8): 150 miles (girls & boys).
    • JV/Varsity (entering grades 9-12): 200 miles (girls), 250 miles (boys).
    • Bonus: an additional 50 miles earns a NAME on the back. At 300 miles and above, you may choose to print your mileage (instead of name), rounded down to the nearest 50 miles, e.g., "350 MILES".
  • See Training Plans in the team googledrive Training folder (or ask a coach) to gradually increase your mileage.
    (Avoid simply running easy miles all summer long.)
    This is not a "last 2 weeks of summer" t-shirt; it is an incentive to work consistently throughout the summer. :)
    At least 66% of your total mileage must be completed by the end of Summer Week 8 (Sunday, July 23, 2023).

    Note: in rare longer-summer (12 week) years, 66% must be completed by the end of Summer Week 9.

Note: Part of good planning and goal setting is to allow some buffer in your training. By building in some “extra” into your plan, you have room for unforeseen circumstances, etc. Do not hurt yourself in the last week of summer trying to log those last miles. 

Walking miles do not count.

Continuous cardiovascular cross training (“x-miles”) may count toward summer mileage. This is to help strengthen your body and prevent injury. Cross train all you want above your goals, but only 20% may be applied to your total summer award mileage. Example: A mileage goal of 200 can have a maximum of 40 x-miles; the other 160 miles must be running unless you are injured and have received coach approval.


***Please print and submit on the first day of practice***

Name: ___________________________________________________

Date you received Coach approval mileage goals (by June 15, 2023): _________________________

Circle level: Junior High (grades 7-8) * High School (grades 9-12)

Method of mileage measurement (GPS, googlemaps, onthegomap, etc.--no cars or fitbits/step counters): ____________________________

A. Weeks 1-8 miles (running and cross training) = _____
B. Weeks 9-11 miles (running and cross training) = _____
C. Total summer miles = _____
D. Running miles = _____
E. Cross training (x-miles) = _____

Note: if you cross trained and your numbers don't make sense (e.g., fewer x-miles than you did), please go back to the logging instructions and fix your cross training logs to uncheck the box that says "Counts as run miles."

Weeks 1-8 percentage of total (A÷C must be 66%+) = _____%
Running miles percentage of total (D÷C must be 80%+) = _____%

Please attach printed documentation of your miles as follows:

  1. In Running2Win, go to http://www.running2win.com/community/view-member-running-log.asp.
    At the top of your training log, enter 5/29/2023 (Monday) to 7/23/2023 (Sunday) and click VIEW DATE RANGE.
    • PRINTOUT #1: Print ONLY the first page, which includes the little bar graph and states the "Total Running Miles"
    • PRINTOUT #2: Click "Count non-running miles" and print ONLY the first page, which includes the little bar graph and states the "Total Distance"
  2. Change the dates to 7/24/2023 (Monday) to 8/12/2023 (Saturday) and click VIEW DATE RANGE.
    • PRINTOUT #3: same as #1 with different dates
    • PRINTOUT #4: same as #2 with different dates

Honor Pledge:
I pledge on my honor that I have earned the miles reported.

Signature and date

T-shirt size (circle one): [Youth L or Adult XS if available] * [Adult S] * [Adult M] * [Adult L] * [Adult XL]

If applying for a shirt 50+ miles over the minimum requirement for your age group, please state your back-of-shirt wording preference: _________________