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Policies and Procedures

SHINE St. Charles

Policies and Procedures

SHINE St. Charles Membership

Who Are We?

We are a Christian led co-op, serving the St. Charles and St. Louis areas and are open to all homeschoolers.  While we are a Christian led co-op, we do not require our members to sign a statement of faith and welcome all who would like to participate in our co-op.  Our goal is to foster an environment built on integrity and virtue, provide educational support, and opportunities to engage socially as well as a sense of community for those homeschooling their children.  We offer a variety of classes ranging in age from PreK/K - 12th grade.  Co-op classes are held on Wednesdays in O'Fallon, MO.  Membership with SHINE St. Charles requires you to be a homeschooling family of a school aged child between 3 and 18 years old.  The leaders of SHINE - St. Charles are committed to serve, help and support those families who desire to educate their children with quality standards.


Membership Fee

SHINE St. Charles charges a $20 membership fee per year.  This membership fee allows members access to our website and our members only Facebook group.  This fee is invoiced on June 1st of each year and must be paid before classes start if you are attending co-op classes or before you may attend any SHINE St. Charles events.  Anyone who has not paid the membership fee by June 30th will have their membership parked and be removed from the members only Facebook page.

Anyone joining in May will not have their membership expire until the end of May the following year.  A full year membership fee will be charged for anyone joining prior to May 1st.

Membership fees are not refundable.


Membership Requirements

Members of SHINE St. Charles must be a homeschooling family of a school aged child between the ages of 3 and 18.  Members must pay their membership fee and agree to abide by the bylaws and policies and procedures.  Changes may be made to either the bylaws or the policies and procedures as needed throughout the year and those changes will be communicated through the website and Facebook group.  Membership may be refused at the board’s discretion to any family that the board feels would not further the objectives of SHINE St. Charles.


Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately conflicts and misunderstandings can occur in any group setting.  At SHINE St. Charles, we will use Matthew 18 as our guide in dealing with conflicts that occur.  Those having a conflict should first attempt to reach a resolution between them.  If a resolution cannot be found that both parties agree to, they may bring the issue to the board and 2-3 board members will meet with the parties involved and attempt to resolve the conflict.  If that is unsuccessful, or if one of the parties is a board member, a meeting with at least 2/3 of the board will be arranged and the board will make a final decision.

Field Trips

SHINE St. Charles is excited to offer field trips to those who would like to participate.  However, with field trips we need to remember to follow a few simple rules to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all.  Certain events require pre-payment, in these cases payment will be required at the time of registration.  Refunds will only be issued if coordinator has not made payment in advance for the event.  Prior to registration please review the field trip description and/or requirements and payment information.  If you have any questions, please contact field trip coordinator.

Please keep in mind the following rules when attending any of the SHINE St. Charles events.

  1. When you are on a field trip you represent SHINE, your family and most importantly yourself.

  2. Be respectful of others, pay attention to the person/s speaking.

  3. Remember to walk while indoors and use indoor voices when speaking with others.

  4. Some trips are limited in the number of sign ups.  If you have signed up and are not able to attend please notify the field trip coordinator to release the spot reserved for you.

  5. Certain trips require scheduled times, please plan accordingly.

  6. Sometimes in larger groups and larger settings it is hard to keep track of those participating in the field trip, please try to stay with the group.

  7. For insurance reasons you will only be allowed to register members of SHINE for any events.  If you would like a non-member to join us on a field trip please make prior arrangements with the field trip coordinator.

SHINE Wednesdays


These rules apply to children and adults.  Adults, please set a good example for the children!

  1. Treat each other with respect.

  2. Treat the church and property with respect.

  3. No food or drink outside of the Multipurpose Room (except water bottles).

  4. Please be quiet in the hallways during classes - sound echoes through the hallways and disrupts classes.

  5. No cell phones or other electronics in class unless specifically allowed by the teacher.


Parent Volunteer Requirements

Parents must volunteer in one class per hour your child attends co-op up to 3 hours.  For example, if your children attend for 2 hours, you would help both hours.  If your children attend 4 hours, you would only need to help 3 of those hours.


Parent Attendance

All parents must be on the premises during classes.  If you are not helping in a class, parents are welcome to sit in the Multipurpose room.  If you would like to wait in your car, please let the front desk know and leave a cell phone number where you can be reached if necessary.  If you need to leave the premises, you may find another parent who is willing to be responsible for your children.  Please stop by the front desk first and let the board know who will be responsible for your children and how you can be reached.



All class fees are due by the first day of class each semester unless prior arrangements are made.  We are happy to arrange payment plans with families that would benefit from spreading out their payments.  Please contact the treasurer for more information.  Any family not paying according to their plan will not be allowed to attend classes until they catch up.  



Refunds will be given for any class dropped prior to the first day of classes each semester.  After the first day of class but prior to the 2nd day of classes, class fees are refundable, but additional supply fees and the location fee cannot be refunded.  From the 2nd day on, class fees are not refundable.


It is the goal of SHINE St. Charles that all children will be able to enjoy their classes and learn in an environment free from disruption.  Children are expected to be respectful to everyone, adults and children, at all times.  Children should listen to their teachers and follow instructions.  While we realize that sometimes children need reminders about how to behave in class,  if a teacher feels that a child is continuing to disrupt the class, they will have their TA bring the child to the front desk.  The board will work with the teacher and the parents to try to determine a course of action that will allow the child to return to class without causing continued disruption.  If a child continues to be disruptive, the board will require that parent withdraw the child from the class and no refunds will be given.  If the problem behavior continues through multiple classes and no resolution is found in a reasonable length of time, the board will ask the child not to return to co-op.



Some classes will have homework assigned.  Whether or not to expect homework will be listed in the class description when you register for the class.  Students are expected to respect the time and effort teachers put into their classes by completing all assignments and coming to class prepared.  Students and parents should understand that failure to complete assignments could result in the student being unable to fully participate in class.  


Class Helper Expectations

As a co-op, we depend on all our helpers to make classes run smoothly.  TAs and helpers in classes should communicate with the teacher about how they can best help the teacher.  TAs and helpers should feel free to address students who are disrupting class.



Lunch will be eaten in the Multipurpose Room.  No food or drink (except water bottles) should be taken anywhere else in the church.  If you would like to eat outside, you are welcome to.  The grass to the left of the parking lot out the back door is private property, please stay off of it.  Parents are responsible for their children at lunch.  Kids are welcome to play outside after lunch, but parents must watch them.  Parents should ensure that all toys are cleaned up at the end of lunch.


In order to avoid spreading illnesses, please keep children and adults home for at least 24 hours after a fever or gastrointestinal illness.  With other illnesses, please use your best judgment and keep those who are contagious home.


Inclement Weather/Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy for All SHINE events, programs and/or classes is as follows:

All cancellations due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances will be communicated via the email address listed on your family’s SHINE member profile and on the SHINE Facebook page.  Cancellations will be communicated no later than 8am the day of class or event.  Please check to make sure that the email listed in your member profile is correct.

SHINE will be following the Fort Zumwalt school cancellation schedule meaning if they are closed, we will be closed. There are no refunds for cancellation of part or a whole day. Refunds will be issued for cancelled field trips when possible. Cancelled classes may be made up at the end of the semester at the board’s discretion.



These rules and policies have been established for the benefit and safety of your child. Safety is our number one concern and following these rules can greatly help ensure the safety of all children utilizing the nursery.


  • There is no charge to the members of SHINE for utilizing the Nursery. However, children will need to be registered for every hour they will be in the nursery.
  • CHILDREN WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOOD. Bottles or covered drinks are allowed, but must be labeled with child’s first and last name.
  • Nursery helpers are not allowed to administer medications or mix bottle formula.
  • Nursery helpers may page you if your child is inconsolable and/or if a diaper change is necessary.
  • Children may only be released from the nursery with those in possession of the name sticker given by the nursery attendant at drop off.  Children will not be released from the nursery to older siblings, unless prior arrangements are made with nursery helpers/SHINE St. Charles.
  • Children with possible infectious illness will not be allowed in the nursery.
  • Children should be free from but not limited to the following signs/symptoms for 24hours prior to returning to the nursery: colds, runny noses with discolored mucus, pink eye, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or any communicable illness, (i.e. chicken pox).