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About Us

Saratoga LEAH is a local chapter of New York State Loving Education At Home (LEAH), a statewide Christian homeschooling support group. The information on this page is here to help you learn more about our group, to see what support we can offer, and decide if you want to join us.

We provide a variety of services and opportunities to our members, most of which are outlined below, in order to help our members in their homeschooling endeavor. Currently, the annual dues are $63 per family, $30 of which goes to NYS LEAH, with the remaining $33 being used for chapter activities, supplies and administrative costs.

Saratoga LEAH meetings are held on a quarterly basis at Perry Road Baptist Church which is located at 150 Perry Rd Saratoga Springs, NY, unless another location is chosen. At the meetings we discuss topics that pertain to homeschooling, plan activities, ask for advice and suggestions, and share resources we have found. Parents can connect with others whose children are the same age and build a network of like-minded friends and fellow homeschoolers. We do offer separate childcare at the meetings for those who really need it, but the space is limited.

As a member of our group, some of the activities which families participate in may include:

  • Recreation days
  • Cooperative group lessons
  • Family fellowship dinners
  • Parent Support Meetings
  • Fine Arts Night
  • Holiday parties
  • Field trips
  • Group-discounted activities