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About Co-op

The Saratoga LEAH Co-op was begun in the fall of 2008.

Vision Statement:
Saratoga LEAH Co-op is a ministry of Saratoga LEAH, to provide all interested Saratoga LEAH member families an opportunity to participate in enriching their children’s education in a cooperative environment one day each week.

What is Co-op?
Co-op provides supplementary education for our children that we cannot easily provide ourselves, allow kids to learn accountability and study skills in a fun group environment, and opportunity to develop friendships. This environment is a mixture of more structured classes (e.g. -hard science classes – chemistry, biology), enrichment classes (e.g., sign language & basic microscopes) and fellowship for the children and parents. Co-op classes are organized by ability and age level. The Saratoga LEAH Co-op is not intended to be a structured replacement for public, private, or Christian schools.

We believe that being involved in the education of our children is a unique ministry, and as such, co-op teachers and steering committee members must not only sign the Saratoga LEAH Statement of Faith and Codes of Conduct, but must pledge to not teach in such a way as is contrary to Biblical teachings.

The Saratoga LEAH Co-op exists as a ministry of and under the leadership of Saratoga LEAH, a local chapter of New York State LEAH, Inc. (Loving Education at Home, Inc.). As such, all participating members of the co-op must maintain memberships in good standing in both Saratoga LEAH and NYS LEAH. All members have reviewed and signed the Statement of Faith, and Codes of Conduct of Saratoga LEAH and the Saratoga LEAH Co-op. All of these statements, and all of the guidelines, are put into place to help to ensure that we are providing a safe, God honoring place for our children to learn.

When and Where is Co-op?
Co-op meets at Perry Road Baptist Church located at 150 Perry Road in Saratoga Springs, NY on Tuesdays. The Co-op runs from September through May. Several breaks are observed during the co-op year.

How Can My Family Participate in Co-op?
Families that wish to participate in the Co-op must be members in good standing of both NYS LEAH and Saratoga LEAH, and have at least one child of grade-school age (5 years old). Families will have the choice of what classes they participate in. Parents must remain to teach or co-teach at least 1 class and assist where needed for the duration of the co-op day.

A nursery is provided for families with pre-school children. All that is required is that when your children participate in co-op you are available to help. In order for co-op to run smoothly, we need teachers, and classroom assistants. As a guideline, classes are organized and grouped by grades. If you feel that your child would enjoy and do well in a different group for a particular class, please contact the Co-op Manager. If a teacher feels that a child is struggling, we will work together to find a good solution.

When is the Registration Period for Co-op?
Teachers have first opportunity to register their children. General registration opens in the spring. Registration forms will be available via our website, email, or mail. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

What Costs are Involved in Co-op?
There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25 per child (maximum of $100 per family) for the entire year of co-op. Individual classes may have additional fees for course materials and/or textbooks, but every effort is made to keep costs low. Costs can increase for older grades, but please keep in mind that this may be curriculum that you would need to purchase anyway, at home, and you will save on not buying the teacher’s edition. Fees are due at time of registration, and your child’s spot will not be saved in classes until they are received. If fees present a financial difficulty to your family, families may petition the Co-op steering committee for assistance.

For the 2020/2021 year we have a total of 20+ classes for ages Pre-K – 12th grade. Please refer to the Co-op Class Schedule and Class Descriptions for more details.

2020 - 2021 IMPORTANT DATES:

  • Tuesday, June 16th through August 11th - Registration for the 2020/21 co-op year
  • Tuesday, August 11th - Mandatory Orientation Meeting for the Co-op will be from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM at Perry Road Baptist Church.
  • Tuesday, September 15th - Co-op classes begin.

If you have any questions regarding these dates please contact the Chapter Leader at