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Family Requirements

With your assistance, we are anticipating another wonderful ECHO year! ECHO is a truly cooperative organization and could not function without the help and assistance of the parents.

Attendance at the Parent Night meeting is mandatory for enrollment in ECHO. This is held in September, a few weeks before ECHO begins.

We begin our day with prayer and announcements at 9:20 AM in the sanctuary. It is essential for the success of ECHO that parents and children attend morning prayer and announcements in the sanctuary at 9:20 AM.  This is an important time to prepare us all for the day ahead, as well as keeping families updated on any upcoming events or changes. 

ECHO classes end at 12:30 PM. After the last class at 12:30 PM we have a lunch room upstairs for students to eat a lunch brought from home. ECHO is peanut and tree nut free due to severe allergies. Lunch ends at 1:00 PM.

Aiding General Duties

Please come prepared each work day to:

  • Help set up the classroom before ECHO starts for the day, stay in room to help the teacher when she/he arrives.
  • After classes are over: clean the room, vacuum, and return tables and chairs to original locations.
  • Take roll in each class.
  • Help control behavior in and out of the classroom (Please review the Discipline Policy for more information).
  • Assist the teacher whenever possible: before, during, and after class. Where appropriate, participate in class.
  • Help the younger students to their next classes.
  • If you bring a cell phone, keep it off or silenced and put away during class (no texting or web surfing).

Aiding Work Hours

With changes that were recently made to how ECHO is organized and run, parents are expected to aide a majority of our ECHO Fridays. Because everyone that helps make ECHO possible is a volunteer, we require our families to aide more in order for our teachers to be greatly supported. Our 2018-2019 year had each family scheduled to work for 16 days. Families should expect to work around that number again for the 2019-2020 ECHO year. 

Aiding Notebook

You will need to pick up the Aide Notebook for your scheduled class at the front table after you sign in each week and return it at the end of each day. These notebooks contain important information such as classroom set-up, attendance sheets, discipline forms, tardy forms, and Student Award slips. If it is necessary for you to fill out a discipline form, please alert the board member on duty. 


A $10 fine will be charged to any aide who is late for a scheduled or traded work day. A $40 fine will be charged for a no-show. If a parent is persistently late or fails to show, the board will look at that family’s continued participation in ECHO.


Nursery is available to Teacher’s Aides for their own children ages 4 and under on their scheduled work days only. You must make other arrangements for school-aged children and day care children not enrolled in ECHO. Children may not be dropped off in the nursery and left if the parent is not working as an aide that day.

Blessings to you as you assist us this year!