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2020-2021 Fall ONLINE Class Descriptions

Welcome to our ONLINE selection of classes for Fall of 2020. Please note we have started a NEW second closed Facebook group for these online classes, most of the classes listed below will be held via this NEW group. We also are continuing our previous community ECHO Facebook group. If you were an ECHO family for the 2019-2020 year, we are going to be leaving our previous community ECHO Facebook  group open to you for in order to keep our community connected. If you are a new family, registering for these online classes, we will give you access to both our current classes Facebook group, as well as our ECHO community group. Classes that are going to only be via these pre-recorded and Facebook live videos will not have a limit on the number of students enrolled. Our literature class which will primarily be held via Teams video conferencing, will have a limited number of spots available for students. However, if we have the need, there will be two different class groups for this class so that we can accomodate more families. 

Please feel free to use these Facebook video resources as a family, including interested children even if they are outside of the 'targeted age range'.

Please Note- In offering online classes, we ask that parents ensure that any laptops or tablets that students use to access this content are used in an area of your home, yard, car, etc., that is actively monitored by parents. With families and students sharing their questions for teachers, completed projects, ideas and discussions, please use the same respect for other students' and families' privacy that is expected during regular in person classes. Do not share any information about any other students or families. 

Ages 3-5 -  Online, mostly via content posted in closed Facebook group.
This year we are trying something different to bring preschool content to our families. Each week I will be posting a video, or link to appropriate preschool content. We may try a story time, a craft activity, or maybe a fun song- possibly with motions. If there is family interest, we may try a few short interactive periods together on MS Teams (this is similar to Zoom), these would probably be no longer than 15 or so minutes. This option may allow something along the lines of story time, or maybe a show and tell. 


Ages 5-9 - Online, via video content posted in closed Facebook group.
Music is one of God’s gifts worked into his creation that gives us joy and connects us with Him and with others. In this music class we will learn some of the building blocks of music like rhythm, tempo, pitch, and dynamics, as well as using our built-in instrument, our voice. A pre-recorded video will be provided for class participants (older and younger family members are welcome to join in!).  There will be one core lesson for all, followed by a set of activities aimed at 5-6 year olds, and a set of more challenging activities aimed at 7-9 year olds.

Household materials or school supplies such as paper and crayons, or a make-shift rhythm instrument you can bang or shake (Mac ’n cheese box, toy drum, Easter egg with beans in it etc.), may be needed for particular lessons. You’ll be notified ahead of time so you can prepare the items. You may be asked to print a worksheet or piece of music to go with the lesson, or access links to listen to music on the internet. As the teacher I will be available for questions so you won’t be just on your own watching the videos! Optional assignments and opportunities to interact with your classmates may include posting pictures of things you’ve drawn related to the class, or making a very short video of a music challenge.


Into to Nutrition
Ages 5-10 - Online, via video content posted in closed Facebook group.
Students will be introduced to the energy components of food (macros) and the importance of vitamins and minerals in foods (micros), how they impact our health, and which foods contain them. The class will provide short, informative video presentations by Alexandria Arriaga, Registered Dietitian, that will review the lesson's topic, include short videos or photos of the steps/final product for any activities/recipes included in the lesson, and provide resources to expand the lesson included for parents to use adlib as they see fit (i.e. YouTube video, links, or library book suggestions on the subject, etc.). The objective of the class is to familiarize students with terms such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, their purposes in the body, as well as what foods represent the different energy sources. 


Arts & Crafts
7-9, 10-12 (School aged children and their families welcome) - Online, via video content posted on closed Facebook group.

While ECHO 2020 will be different, so will this Arts & Craft Class.  I'm excited to be welcomed back to the ECHO family after a long break and teaching something exciting and fun!  I'll be directing art lessons for the entire family.  Parents can gauge their range of desirability and abilities (and their student's ability!)  Pick and choose projects you desire.  Resources will be drawn from normal household materials.  I've put together an extensive list of supplies, hoping families will gather for themselves (or petition others to collect for them!) thus keeping overall costs to a minimum.  The list is for those who plan to fully participate, giving themselves a break from the books!  Each week will be a new project and the following week's needed supplies will be posted.  

Creativity challenges will abound and different skills will stretch your child's experiences.  Each week a finished project will be on display to inspire your creativity, but depending upon your family's resources, everyone's finished project will look different.  Pictures of finished projects can be posted for all to admire. 


Ages 5+ - Online, via video content posted in closed Facebook group.
This class plans to work on learning the basics of cooking, and trying new foods. Every other week a video will be uploaded with the recipe and instructions on how to prepare this item. On the week before this video is uploaded, a list of necessary ingredients and kitchen tools will be posted so you will have time to acquire these items. We will learn how to read and follow recipes, kitchen hygiene/etiquette, and how to cook real food from scratch! I hope you'll join me there! 


Literature       Class is nearly full, limited space available
Ages 7+ - Online, via interactive video conferencing on Friday mornings at either 10:30 or 11:30 AM. Approximately 45 min long.
Please note- this class will be held via video conferencing software. There will be no added cost for choosing this class, and no software for you to purchase. We recommend that if choosing this class, you have a set location that you are comfortable with your students using for video conferencing. We ask that you assure that the background is appropriate for this purpose, that background noise be limited to ensure your students ability to participate, and all students and family members are clothed appropriately for an ECHO class. We also ask that parents are available to monitor ALL content sent and received by students. like any student internet access.

Each student needs access to discussion books underlined below.

This class will discuss literature using the story chart. We will use picture books to introduce each concept on the chart (Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Denouement, Conclusion, Plot, Setting, Characters, Theme). In addition, we will learn about the protagonist, antagonist and types of conflict.

We will use picture books to introduce and discuss the elements of the story chart. Approximately once a month we will discuss a longer, chapter book (assigned ahead of time) using the story chart structure to guide our discussion. The Socratic Method will be the main “teaching technique.” Using questions and dialogue, the goal is to help the students learn how to ask questions about the books they read, think about them critically, discover the themes the author put into the text, and talk about how those themes impact their lives.

Chapter Books for the 2020-2021 ECHO Year: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg (October); The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare (November); The Princess and The Goblin by George MacDonald (December); Five Children and It by E. Nesbit (January); The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden (February); The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett (March).

Books can be found at your local library, Amazon (either to buy the physical book or the Kindle version - several books are free on Kindle), abebooks.com (used books, cheap prices!). Students can read the books themselves, you can read them aloud as a family, use audio books, read them on a Kindle. Any format is acceptable as long as students know the story by the discussion date so we can discuss it! Specific dates for each book discussion will be listed before the ECHO year starts.

Story Chart Courtesy of CenterforLit.com
Teacher Resources: Teaching the Classics by Center for Lit; Deconstructing Penguins by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone


Music Theory 
Ages 10+ - Online, mostly via video content posted in closed Facebook group. Interactive video conferencing may be available for some activities.
This class is best for kids who have a little music experience (previous ECHO or other music classes, instrument lessons) and know basics such as the music alphabet ABCDEFGABC and basic rhythms such as quarter and eighth notes. Participants will be asked about what things they already know so we can adjust the class to those skills. Via pre-recorded videos and doing self-checked short assignments we will learn about major and minor scales, major and minor chords, intervals, and more complicated rhythms. We will learn to identify these ‘by ear’ and also the basics of how to write them or identify them ‘on paper’. 

We’ll also listen for and identify some other ‘fun features’ of music like a glissando, accelerando, and fermata. Participants will need access to a printer to print assignments and/or lined music paper, and may be asked to access links on the internet to listen to music; links will of course be previewed by me but use your normal internet caution. You may be asked to produce a sound/video recording of yourself doing rhythm exercises as an assignment, though of course as a non-graded class all assignments are purely for your own benefit.