St. Augustine Homeschool Enrichment



What might the typical day at St. Augustine Enrichment Classes look like?


Many families choose to start the day with Mass at 8am in the church and then join the parish for a potluck breakfast afterwards in St. Monica Hall. That is not possible for everyone due to traffic, distance traveled, other children going hither and yon, but please know that you are always welcome to join when you can.

The first period classes begin at 9:30am. Please be sure to see your children personally to the St. A entrance across from the playground, to make sure they get to class safely. If they are not in class, they need to be in your presence. Families pick and choose which periods to take classes so cars are always coming and going... proceed with caution and please remind your kids to always do the same.

Once the day has begun, some parents stay in common areas or outside to talk  or walk with other parents, bring a book to read, work on work projects, or visit the church to spend some time with Jesus. Some parents leave to run errands or appointments. When class periods change, children need to go to their next class or return to their parent promptly. The assigned lunch period is 12:30pm but some may be eating lunch with their parent outside earlier, especially the younger crew. Lunch is 30 mins. then the first afternoon class starts at 1:00pm.

So many different kinds of classes are going on - it may seem chaotic to the newbie but the variety of things to choose from is great for such a diverse group of students to choose from!