HEARTS financial and registration policies

Financial Policies:

Fees and registration policy:

• Fees are the primary source of funding and are the responsibility of parents.

• Fees are due in full at time of registration. 

• Teachers, Assistants and drop offs are responsible for purchasing all books and material needed for classes.

• Teachers who do not fulfill their commitment  will not be able to participate again.

• Cash, money orders, cashiers checks and personal

Checks can be accepted. Please make payment to HEARTS. 


Since our financial budget is based on enrollment, parents are expected to commit to the program upon registration (registration is defined as status in class is “Signed up”) for the entire year. Refunds for tuition and material fees will not be given after you have enrolled in classes.

During the event of school closings or cancellations due to inclement weather, widespread illness, or other reasons, our commitment is to provide virtual instruction and resources in lieu of meeting on campus; therefore, refunds will not be given if you opt out of the virtual learning platform.

DROP OFFS (1st grade and up)

• Supply fees vary per class. (Non refundable)

• Registration Fee of $200.00 per family per year if NOT teaching, co-teaching  or assisting (non refundable)

• Class fee is $200.00 per student per class per year if NOT teaching, co-teaching or assisting (non refundable)

• Admin Fee is $10.00 per student per year (non refundable)

• Website fee $15.00 per family  per year (non refundable)



• Supply fees vary per class. 

• Registration Fee of $50.00 per family per year  (non refundable)

• Class fee is $50.00 per student per class per year every period you assist.   (non refundable)

• There will be a $10.00 fee per hr per child if you are not in your designated area, you leave the premises without your children or drop off your children. ($20  holiday)

• Admin Fee is $10.00 per student per year.   (non refundable)

• Website fee $15.00per family per year (non refundable)


• Supply fees vary per class. 

• FREE registration if you teach at least one class. No class fee in every period you teach/co-teach

• There will be a $10.00 fee per hr per child if you are not in your designated area, you leave the premises without your children or drop off your children. ($20  holiday)

• Admin Fee is $10.00 per student per year

• Website fee $15.00 per family per year (non refundable)  

Difference between assistants and co-teachers

• Co-teachers, help teach, lesson plan, grade etc.

• Assistants, help teachers make copies, run errands etc. Assistants will float where needed

Registration Policies


There will be a late registration fee of $10. After the prior school year ends  

There will be a $10 fee for  adding or swapping classes.. There will be a $20 fee for swapping classes after September 1st.

• Registration preference will be given to parents who actively participate

• Satisfactory completion of all application forms.

• A student must conform to the regulations and customs of HEARTS Ministry.

• HEARTS Ministry reserves the right to dismiss a student whose presence is considered detrimental to the best interests of the student himself, or of his/her fellow students.

• Since all children are created in the image of God no student will be denied admission because of race, color, or national origin.