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If you are new to HEARTS and will be assisting or teaching, please print off the New Teacher/Assistant Packet.  

New teachers and assistants registering for classes online MUST fill out and mail the above forms along with payment for registration to be complete.   *5.  I/ We have read the information concerning this program and so hereby consent to authorize any volunteer of HEARTS Ministry to have charge of my children to obtain medical care, treatment, or hospitalization that may be necessary during HEARTS Ministry activities. *6. Please join our facebook page called HEARTS Ministry for events and activities. Also download the REMIND APP on your phone if you are enrolling in classes and get code for HEARTS. We use this during school to send quick messages. Thank you so much. 

Payment Instructions

The website /registration fee for Drop-Off Students is $215.
The website / registration fee for Assistants is $65.
The website fee for Teachers is $15. 

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