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Step 1: Decide if WSCEC is right for you by reading our Statement of Faith.

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Full Day Member Drop-off Member
Students: Nursery - Grade 12 Students: Grades 5 - 12
Dues: $100 per family for 1st semester Dues: $150 per student per semester
Parent remains on campus Parent drops-off student
Fully participates in member responsibilities No member responsibilities
Class Options: Academic or Enrichment Class Options: Academic


Step 3: Complete this form and wait to hear from our Intake Administrator.

As a private group, WSCEC has the right to deny membership at its sole discretion and for any reason. Membership availability is determined by grade level openings and therefore, we cannot guarantee space for your family at the time of your visit. 

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Full Day Membership: Please list all children that will be attending WSCEC with you. 

Drop-off Membership: Please list only the child who will be participating. 

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We ask that all potential members visit our community in order to meet our leaders and see how a part of our day flows. Visiting day options are listed below. Please plan to be there from 8:45 - 11:00. 

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Full Day 5 - 3/26/20 I am a returning member.

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