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Art and Art History
Lara Cordiner
The role and importance of art in our world extend far beyond the walls of an art museum. From the beginning of time, our Creator has used the arts to call us back to Himself, to remind us that there is hope beyond this present darkness. The beauty and detail found in creation have long been a fascination of mine and are a common theme in my artwork. My lifelong passion for art led me to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Metalsmithing & Jewelry. I also closely studied ceramics. I am thrilled to work with WACHE students as we explore art through the lenses of beauty, truth, and goodness.

Elementary, Middle School, High School Ballet
Amanda Bien
Dance accepts everyone! I’m happy to be able to offer an affordable class to all of our WACHE dancers. I got into ballet as an adult, my daughter has been dancing since she was two and it gives us something we can do together. In my personal time, I take several online classes to further my learning. Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres and my favorite type of dance. My skills include supervising and observing dancers to help them perfect their form. We will start out using ballet terminology. Dancers will start developing core strength, balance, and technique basics. I do a lot of research to make sure we’re stretching safely and that our technique is current. Our WACHE studio has portable barrés and the other basic supplies we’ll need to feel like class is held at a regular dance studio. We have two ballet classes at WACHE. I offer an intro class to our younger students. In that class, we’ll start building time at the barré along with some games to help improve memory. I also offer a technique class for our older students. In this class, we do more barré routines. In each class, I’ll introduce spotting and turns appropriate for their level. Ballet takes a lot of practice and I love finding different ways to motivate students and encourage them. I want students to develop confidence in themselves while they express their love of dance.


Elementary, Middle School, High School Choir
Raven Miller
I’m the vocal teacher for WACHE. Singing has been such a huge part of my life, and has provided me countless opportunities to serve the Lord and minister through music. The best part of that, though, has been being able to teach others how to develop the gifts God has given them and use those to serve and minister to those around them. I’ve been teaching private voice and choir in some capacity for 16 years, and I have a Bachelors in Vocal Music Education. Currently, I help lead worship at Grace Baptist Church on Sundays, and I work with our youth band, teaching them how to lead worship and make that a part of their daily life. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to teach at WACHE and invest in this next generation of worship leaders and singers!
Guitar and Ukulele 5th Grade-12th Grade
Joel Sprayberry
My name is Joel Sprayberry. I love music, but more than that, I love seeing the bulb turn on in someone's eyes when they discover their musical talent. Of course, they light up. Musical success is fun, rewarding, and life changing. I have a business degree from Texas Tech University but have been a professional musician for over 25 years. I have been playing music since I was a small child. Starting with piano lessons and then moving on to percussion. After years of working out my youth on the drums, I finally found my home inside the sound of an acoustic guitar. I am passionate about pursuing the gift God has given to me. I love opening up new worlds of musical learning and performing for students of all ages. The best part comes when I can stand back and watch my students rock out confidently with smiles on their faces. Oh, and that light-- the light in their eyes -- you can't miss it. It's magnificent.
Elementary Music
Laura Yan
We all have music in our hearts when we're born and as we grow, we naturally enjoy music in so many ways. I love helping kids grow in their knowledge of musical structure and how we can worship God with singing, playing, and dancing. I have a vocal music education degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and have taught elementary general music throughout the last two decades. I am so blessed to be a part of this team of music teachers at WACHE and count it a privilege to make music with the K-3rd grade students!

WACHE Theatre Teen Troupe 8th-12th Grades
Mendi Carlson
When I’m not belting out show tunes, I’m probably quoting a movie. I love helping kids come out of their shells and be proud of their accomplishments! During my first full year of teaching theatre at WACHE School, I directed the hilarious Once Upon a Crime to a sold-out audience. The following year, I directed Fowl Play to another sold-out audience. I believe public performance sets the stage for a well-rounded adult who will be able to engage any audience on the stage of life. I have been a homeschooling mom for 12 years and a theater mom for 8 years. I have been married for 19 years to my biggest fan, Jim, and I am the mother of three very animated minions.
Elementary Theatre
Lara Hoefelmann
Since my early days of co-creating and performing skits with my cousins, I had a strong desire to be on stage. I loved playing roles and making people laugh. My years of drama classes and competitions in One Act play and improvisation set the scene for a lifelong love of the performing arts. I enjoy sharing that love and knowledge I've gained with my 6 children. (Lots of drama in this house!) I especially love improvisation and believe it's a very useful skill to sharpen for many areas of life, even outside of the theater. One of my absolute favorite things about drama is seeing otherwise timid children come out of their shells and find amazing confidence. My husband was one of those children growing up, and he excelled on the stage as well. I'm thankful we share a love of the arts and we love fostering that together in our children. I'm beyond excited to be teaching the younger age group Drama class at WACHE!
Theatrical Design Techniques 8th-12th Grades
Ione Wise
Behind every good story, there is a whole world of imagination. Theatre production is a team sport and we will help make the magic come to life for our own WACHE theatre productions. I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and a minor in Psychology. I worked in film and commercial production for MARS Inc. in Dallas, and then later as a freelance scriptwriter and production assistant in the DFW area.