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Membership Benefits

  • Year-round social and academic events for homeschool children and families.
  • Support and encouragement at our events and homeschooler gatherings.
  • Access to the Members Only section of this website.
  • Access to our online forums to keep you connected to local, Christian homeschooling families.
  • Access to our online classifieds 
  • Invitation to our Members Only Facebook page.
  • A complimentary table to sell items at our annual Used Curriculum Sale.
  • Invitation to educational field trips scheduled throughout the school year.
  • Group standardized testing offered once per year
  • Every family can print a GWCHE membership card (find under member links). The GWCHE group number on the card may be used for a membership discount in Texas Home School Coalition (thsc.org) and Home School Legal Defense Association (www.hslda.org). You may also use your card at some local stores for teacher discounts on classroom items.
  • GWCHE members can advertise their local businesses in our Business Directory. Let other area homeschoolers know about you, so they can support your business! 

Membership Types

Memberships expire June 30th every year and membership must be renewed every July. Website access will be restricted after August 1st for all upaid members.

Regular Membership: $35.50/year
For families of a homeschooling couple or single parent and the children. There is a discount for joining before July 15 each year.

Early Registration: $25.50/year
From July 1 to July 15 each year.

Alumni Membership: $15.50/year
For GWCHE Alumni families whose children have graduated but would still like to have access to the GWCHE website, forums, and to share ideas and wisdom with other families.

Coordinator Membership: We will refund $20 of your membership fee after you coordinate an event!

Board Membership: Free

Widow/Widower Membership: Free

Missionary Membership: Free
Homeschooling missionaries in the Waco area on furlough can apply for up to one year of free GWCHE membership. Contact the GWCHE membership coordinator.


What does GWCHE do with the dues?

There are four main areas where dues are used: a liability insurance policy, maintaining our website, covering expenses for our events, and facility rentals. GWCHE purchases a gift for our library each year based on nominations from our membership of material we would like to see made available (for example, one year we bought the Life of Fred series). We also will sometimes subsidize field trip fees. 

Questions about membership?

Please email  membership@gwche.org