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Homeschooling in Florida

  • If you are thinking about homeschooling or have just started your journey, the FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association) has published a helpful 16-page guide to getting started with homeschooling in Florida.  You'll find the guide at the following web address:  FPEA


  • For those in northeast Florida, check out H.E.R.I. (Home Education Resources and Information) here:  H.E.R.I.


  • The voice of Florida homeschoolers in Tallahassee is Brenda Dickinson and the Home Education Foundation (H.E.F). For more info on H.E.F., visit the following:  Home Education Foundation


  • If you are wading into the waters of homeschooling high school, Joanne Mastronicola has a world of info for you. Find Joanne at High School Puzzle for Florida-specific homeschooling high school info, and more.