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Junior Classes


PictureLove of Learning (ages 5-12)
These classes are project-based and mostly hands-on learning. A wonderful book about project learning is For the Love of Learning—Give Your Children a LOLIPOP Education by Amy Edwards.

Our mentors teach what they are inspired to teach and have freedom in their lesson choices with approval from the Executive Council.  They are encouraged to use a wide range of activities and methods of teaching, reaching various learning styles.

This year (2021-2022) we will be using a fun curriculum called Explore! Deserts and Oceans.

Scholar Core (ages 10-12)

This class is an entry-level scholar project that introduces students transitioning from the fun and variety of their “love of learning” phase (elementary school) to dipping their toes in the challenging, but gratifying academic work of their “scholar phase” (junior high and high school).


  • A vision of the larger world, and understanding our role during this time in history relative to our ancestors and their place in history.  

  • A sense of individual mission tied to that greater vision, inspiring students to do the hard work of stretching their abilities and increasing their skills.

  • Abilities taught will include an introduction to time management, the use of a planner, outlining and note-taking, effective goal creation, and mentor meetings.

  • Skills encouraged will include opportunities for students to review and improve: reading (1 fiction book each semester), writing (weekly opinion papers), handwriting (class time copy work), spelling (with an emphasis on Latin roots), & elementary math (timed drills as agreed to within personal goals).