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Uplift teen Community Support

As you consider Uplfit Teens for your high schooler next year, please review the ways our community of parents will be asked to help support the continued presence of this space for our Uplift community.  It is our prayer that by creating ways for the parents to step in and help support this space, that you will enjoy seeing what the Lord has been building during this time, and catch our vision of sustainability for all that is taking place! 

Parent Support Requirements: On-Campus

  • 1 full day per semester (15 weeks per semester) of on-campus adult support. On-campus support can be broken into two half days (8:30-12:30/12:00-4) if needed. 

  • Although not a requirement, we would love for the events below to happen for our teens! If you are interested in being a support in any way to a lead in the events listed below, please reach out.  We would love the support to make these happen! 

Parent Support Requirement: Off-Campus Opportunities

Should the on-campus support not be an option for your family, we have three off-campus opportunites to fulfill your support requirements . Please reach out for a conversation on the below roles:

  1. Volunteer Coordinator: Manages the volunteer calendar and communicates to the parents and the HSI leads when needed. 
  2. Fundraiser Coordinator: Manages a drip fundraiser for the year.
  3. Event Coordinator: Ask for more info on what is already in place!

    • High School Events:

      • Fall Party (October)

      • Spring Party (February)

      • End of year (April)

      • Graduation

 Leads/Coordinator Volunteer Position Opportunities 

The sustainability of Uplift teens is dependent on the following positions being filled, and those who consider taking on one of these roles would be eligible to apply for a scholarship to help with class costs.  

Scholarships are made possible through the efforts of fundraisers supported by our community throughout the year.  If you are unable to consider one of these positions throughout the year, a great way to support this day is being involved in the fundraisers throughout the year to help support scholarship opportunities for families within our community! 


We need two leads who are on campus throughout the 24/25 school year.  The leads could commit to one full semester each (15 days total) or bi-weekly throughout the year. Responsibilities to be shared between the 2 leads consist of:    

  • Supporting teachers and students as well as communicating any needs with the Uplif teen director. 

  • A commitment of 15 class days

  • Availability to be first and last one on campus

  • Executing the daily adult job schedule on campus 

  • Collecting any waivers needed from students

  • Supporting teachers in any classroom needs: set up/break down

  • Supporting student needs while on campus

  • Communicating needs/issues to the director 

  • Supporting the student cleaning schedule

  • Double checking facilities are left in a clean condition at the end of the day. 

Uplift Teen Director: 

This volunteer position oversees all areas of the teen program and the needs on campus and off. Responsibilities include: 

  • Overseeing all areas of Uplift teen needs on campus and off as well as communicate with the Uplift Director. 

  • Overseeing class placement: including interviewing and supporting teachers as classes are determined for placement with the Uplift Director.

  • Supporting teachers in setting up their class and being a communication point for parents when needed. 

  • Maintaining the calendar 

  • Working with the Uplift Director to maintain the Uplift teen page:  creates and updates classes/descriptions

  • Managing needs and communication from on-campus leads

  • Managing needs and communications from the volunteer coordinator. 

  • Working with the Uplift Director to create waivers and documents as needed. 

  • Ability to facilitate and be available for meetings as needed. 

  • Ability to help sub for a lead on campus if needed. 

  • Managing all email communication to Uplift teen families/students regarding classes, updates, changes, outings, etc.   

  • Sending out background checks and documents for leads/teachers. 

  • Staying updated on fundraising efforts towards lead/coordinator class funds.