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High School Initiative

Resource offerings

The Resource Center

Our Resource Center is part of our cooperative and is meant to supplement home education. This is accomplished through classes, field trips, special events, tutoring, workshops, and special needs services.  Resource Centers do not employ teachers, rather provide a space for freelance instructors, parents, community members to support homeschool families. Resource Centers are not accredited, credits are awarded by the parents.

Membership to Uplift is $40 yearly, September to September or $20 if joining after January.  This gets you access to classes, events, social activities, and most importantly a connective community.

Each class comes with fee determined by the teacher.

Our locations will all have different class offerings.

BEND - 2023/2024 Classes will be held on Friday Afternoons and Mondays.

Classroom options are at Real Life Church

Bend also has our High School Initiative which is a
 Christ-centered space for high school students to connect, grow and find consistent support.  

REDMOND - Resource classes are offered primarily on Wednesdays in Redmond, but also throughout the week.  Classes will be posted a month prior to start date.
Classes held at Redmond Christian Church

A new service that a Community member and Uplift member is offering is U Can Homeschool!  A service to help you get started!  Contact Amy today if this service is beneficial to you!

Resource Center Classes