Surprise Scholé Academy

2022-2023 Class Schedule, Descriptions, and Supply Lists

In additional to the class specific supplies, each family needs to purchase:

- Uniforms for each student, including: a navy collared polo shirt, khaki pants/shorts/skirt, and close toed shoes. Please see SSA Family Handbook for specific uniform requirements for girls & boys.

- Classical Conversations 5th Edition Cycle 3 Audio CDs OR app (5th Edition Foundations Guide recommended)

- Commonplace Book (one per student)

- Each student should bring their Bible each week


2022-2023 Surprise Scholé Academy Schedule

  8:30-9:25am 9:30-11:25am 11:30-12:00 12:05-1:00pm 1:05 - 2:00pm 2:00- 2:25pm 2:30pm
(ages 5-6 or K-1st)
Opening Assembly
Five in a Row
Imagination Hour or Song School Latin 2*
Science Exploration
Community Clean-up
 Childcare Pickup & Departure
(ages 6-9 or 1st-3rd)
Middle Ages
(ages 9-12 or 4th-6th)
Middle Ages
Latin for Children C /Shakespeare*
Science: Astronomy
(ages 12-15 or 7th - 9th)
(8:55-11:25) The Great Conversation: Middle Ages with Composition: Lost Tools of Writing I Shakespeare / Latin for Children C** Logic: The Art of Argument
(ages 15-19 or 10th-12th)
(8:55-11:25) The Great Conversation: Middle Ages w/History: Modernity Shakespeare Rhetoric: Rhetoric Alive!

*Upper Grammar students who took SSL1 in 2021/22 will take SSL2 in 2022/23

**UG/Dialectic Students in Latin for Children sequence must take LFC:C. Students who have completed or not yet begun LFC sequence will take Shakespeare.


*Class schedule based on Academic Mentor availability and is subject to change

2022/2023 Supply Lists:

Pre-Grammar Class Descriptions and Supply Lists

Lower-Grammar Class Descriptions and Supply Lists

Upper-Grammar Class Descriptions and Supply Lists