Surprise Scholé Academy

Highschool Credit Information

Highschool Credit at Surprise Scholé Academy

The Academic Scope & Sequence at SSA has been designed to allow students to earn credit for all classes offered in the Dialectic and Rhetoric years. The curriculum choices have also been selected with the goal of allowing students to use their time at Surprise Scholé Academy to work toward credits that are more enjoyable and thoroughly practiced when experienced in community (ie: Public Speaking, Shakespeare, Great Books).

Please see the following list for the suggested credit distribution.

Dialectic Year 1:
Omnibus I (Secondary): 1 English/Literature
Poetry: ½ - 1 English/Writing
Geography: 1 Social Studies/Geography
Public Speaking: ½ -1 English or Elective

Dialectic Year 2
Omnibus II (Secondary): 1 English/Literature
Lost Tools of Writing I: 1 English/Writing
Shakespeare: ½ -1 Fine Arts or Elective
Logic (Informal): 1 Elective

Dialectic Year 3
Omnibus III (Secondary): 1 English/Literature
Lost Tools of Writing I: 1 English/Writing
Fine Arts: ½ -1 Fine Arts or Elective
Logic (Formal): 1 Elective

Rhetoric Year 1
Omnibus I (Primary): 1 English/Literature
History- Ancient: 1 Social Studies
Advanced Speech & Debate: 1 English or Elective
Understanding the Times: 1 Elective

Rhetoric Year 2
Omnibus II (Primary**): 1 English/Literature
History- Christendom/Modernity: 1 Social Studies
Rhetoric Alive: 1 English or Elective
Shakespeare: ½ -1 Fine Arts or Elective

Rhetoric Year 3
Omnibus III (Primary): 1 English/Literature
History- American: 1 Social Studies
Lost Tools of Writing II: 1 English/Writing
American Government/Econ: 1 Social Studies

The leadership of SSA has extensively researched curriculum and developed a scope and sequence to help students in our community prepare for their next steps in life through a classical approach to the subjects and topics offered. We desire to instill a life-long desire to learn and an appreciation of hard-work and self-discipline in our Dialectic & Rhetoric students. Our Academic Mentors engage students by modeling the joy and satisfaction of life-long learning in their classrooms.

SSA is committed to helping parents navigate through the high school years with their students through knowledge sharing and transcript assistance. Transcript support is available from several of our leaders and continuing education opportunities are offered for our parents during the year.

Academic Mentors at Surprise Scholé Academy may provide feedback to students as to their progress, methods for improvement, and completion of class assignments, but grade assignment is at the discretion of the parents. Grades are not assigned by SSA.

SSA Dialectic & Rhetoric students benefit from accountability to their Academic Mentors and peers for their work and class assignments, learning in community with like-minded students, experiencing social opportunities, and developing friendships within the framework of a Biblical worldview.

Please see this link for updated Arizona Revised Statutes for Home Education for more details.

**2024-25 Academic Year Only: Rhetoric students will use Omnibus IV: Primary