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Ministry Meet Up- Birthday Kits for the Needy

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Wednesday – 2:00 PM

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Hey there, Ministry Families!

Our little committee had the fun idea brought to make birthday kits for the needy! 

The idea is that we will donate small kits to the Benevolence House and a small church in Killeen who know of families in need with a birthday cake, icing, a pan (disposable or even the fun shaped ones that might be found at a thrift store etc), balloons, candles, tablecloths --- These are the basics and since we are aiming for so many this time, we want to keep it affordable for us all to participate. But if you feel lead to do more, even some paper plates, napkins, cards etc are a fun addition to the bags! Whatever you can think of that might be a fun blessing to a family in need who wants to give their child a special birthday cake/event! :) It just needs to be able to be contained in a small bag or within the pan so it isn't too cumbersome for the ministry who will give them out. 

If you've got children who would like to make birthday cards or draw pictures to put into the donations, please bring those too!! I'm sure they'll be appreciated!

I'm going to put together a list of the things we have mentioned, but please feel free to go off script here! We will be learning as we go and we can quickly spot areas where we should do more (or less!) once we get together to make this happen. :)


Any questions, please give me a call or text at 254-290-1980, or of course you can email here too!!

**We are aiming at 20 kits for this time putting them together as they were a hit with the ministries we've shared them with in the past! **


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