Thrive Program Overview


The Thrive Community Homeschool Partnership is a non-profit community serving as a partnership to homeschooling families in the North County San Diego area. We have several opportunities to gather with like-minded families through our two-day on-campus community and after/in-between education program as well as field trips, community outings, and more! 

Thrive provides a two-day opportunity of supervised lunch and study times for community and togetherness with other homeschool families. We have security and organized programs such as games, chapel, field trips, and more. Thrive is NOT a school, but instead a community program offering after/in-between education care and transportation to local vendors. Every Thrive family volunteers during our Thrive program community hours to ensure our culture remains sweet and safe at all times. Thrive members do not volunteer in classrooms with vendors as Thrive operates outside of the vendor programs.

Thrive has also made relationships with several vendors who rent space at the same location where we meet. It is not required that you attend any of the courses these vendors offer. However, if you want to take advantage of taking their classes before or during the Thrive supervised programs you are able to! We will put you in contact with them so you can be added to their class interest list and be enrolled by them if there is space available. We have done the heavy lifting of putting all of their individual vendor schedules into one grid so you can easily create a cohesive schedule for your family without having to spend hours doing it yourself. 

Many families choose to sign up for the elective-style programs and teach their core programs at home. Other families choose to sign up for all core programs and do the fun stuff at home. Some families take on the core classes they find easiest at home and send their students to vendors for the other harder to do at home (Hello, science! :) And some families do all of their education at home or with another party and come to Thrive events and our community times only - This model is flexible to be able to meet the needs of any homeschool family! 

Our Thrive program begins at 815am with check-in (although you can bring your student at any time throughout the day). There are several independent educational vendors (which are not part of the Thrive Community Program) located at the same property. These vendors offer programs throughout the day from 830am to 3pm. We have taken all of their schedules and put them together in a single place for you to easily create a schedule for your student to meet their independent educational needs while also being able to participate in our community program if you desire. You can connect with them directly for any questions you may have, all of their contact information is available. While your students are with our Thrive program volunteers, they will assist in getting them to and from any vendors they are taking classes with.  If they are not in a vendor program they can remain supervised with Thrive families in a study program or lunch program or you can pick them up at anytime. 

While Thrive coordinates with families and vendors they are all separate businesses and all communication regarding vendor programs, curriculum, payments, classroom management, etc all needs to be with you and the vendor. Thrive only organizes payment and management for the Thrive program itself.

So, what might a typical week look like for a Thrive family? (*this is just one potential example)


(*all vendor courses must be separately coordinated with vendors but this is a potential example you as a parent can may plan)

815am - Check-in with Thrive Program and join us for community time and before education care.

830am - Logic & Critical Thinking with Mrs. J

940am - Take Lego Robotics with Snapology

1050am - Thrive Study program

1150am - Thrive community chapel and lunch

1235pm - Little Labs - Amber Schreckengaust

145pm - Spanish - Senora Beltran

245pm - Parent pickup


Homeschool schedule YOU choose!


930am - Check-in with Thrive program (*yes you can sleep in and start later in your day if you want!)

940am - Thrive Cafe program

1050am - Chess with Scott Schreckengaust

1150am - Thrive lunch program

1250pm - Novel Studies - Corey Reschke

200pm - Bitcoin with Mr. Ward


Homeschool schedule YOU choose!


Meetup with other Thrive families at the beach and realize you made an amazing decision to homeschool! (Or let's be real, sometimes remembering you aren't alone and you will survive because all the other moms are still alive and made it to the beach somehow :)


The first step is to learn more about Thrive and what we are all about. Thrive is a homeschool support program so you have to be sure homeschooling is right for your family. We also run with volunteers and each family will commit to 13 hours of on-campus time throughout each semester. (*Vendors do not require volunteerism in their programs, this is for the Thrive program only)

Next, you will fill out our membership request form and pay our low community fee to be part of the Thrive community program (*this does NOT include educator classes as they are not part of Thrive but separate individual entities - you will make payments to them separately).

Once you have become a member you will be able to access our vendor schedules to inquire about making a schedule for your family. You will coordinate with each vendor directly to solidify your enrollment and make payments. All of their contact info is on our schedule as well. 


Once you have your schedule you will just wait for opening day! We send out weekly communications updating you on all Thrive is up to. Our administrators are on campus every Monday and Wednesday and you can contact us via email at any time if you have any questions. 


We hope you will join us on an upcoming tour and we look forward to Thriving with you!