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Welcome to Thrive! We are delighted you stopped by. We would love to introduce you to our unique homeschool partnership in North County Coastal San Diego. Whether you heard about us from a friend or stumbled upon us looking for a community we cannot wait to meet you! Below you will find information about our program as well as the steps to become a member and join our thriving community program and after/in between education care program. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to us anytime!


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Contact Us

Emergency Contact & Day-Of Contact 510 S El Camino Real - Beach Chapel - Encin
(858) 342-3195
Heather Dalton - Founder and Executive Director
Allison Bishop - Campus Director, New Family & Volunteer Coordinator
Heather Williams - Asst Campus Director & Events Coordinator
Mikala Janse van Rensburg - Founder, Director of Operations
Laura DeSoto - Vendor Liaison

Fall 2024 Academic Calendar

Spring 2025 Academic Calendar