Homeschool Resources

As a homeschool support program, we would like to direct you to the following homeschool resources:


Thrive Facebook Page

San Diego Homeschoolers Facebook Page - 6,500 San Diego homeschoolers

North County Schools Network - Facebook group of 6k homeschoolers in North County

IEW Homeschoolers Facebook Page - 6,700 members

Working Homeschool Moms - 26,000+ members nationwide

North SD Homeschool FB Group



Cathy Duffy Homeschool Reviews- Search reviews on hundreds of homeschool curriculums


Wild + Free- Homeschool resources for inspiration



Family Resources:


Life Ways For Living- Consulting, coaching, tutoring for parents, couples, youth, and homeschoolers





Purposeful Parenting- Parenting book




HSLDA- Homeschool Legal Defense Association- How to legally homeschool in your state as well as membership services for legal protection, homeschool consulting, transcript creator, and everything you need to know about homeschooling


CHEA- Christian Home Educators Association of California- Homeschool support for Private Homeschoolers


Privately Homeschool in California:


To privately homeschool in California, you need to file a private affidavit with the state beginning October 1st at


Or you can join a Private Satellite Program (PSP) which is a private school that does not offer in classroom instruction but does complete your transcript. 


*Anyone is able to create a transcript, you are not required to have a special entity complete it.*


Charter School Information:


Charter Schools are public state schools that offer an alternative model to traditional public schools. They can operate 5 days a week like a traditional public school or meet 4, 3, 2, or 1 day a week. Some offer no in classroom instruction and the parent is considered homeschooling them under the umbrella of a teacher the charter school assigns to your family. Charters usually require you to submit work samples and meet with your assigned teacher every 6 weeks. Below is a list of charter schools you can contact to see if they would be a good fit for your family.


LIst of Charter Schools Servicing the San Diego area:


Ideas on How to Use Charter Funds (must check with charter first):

  • California State Parking Pass
  • Educational games
  • Educational gadgets like a rock polisher
  • Office supplies like ink and paint
  • Craft supplies
  • A laminator
  • Subscription boxes
  • Books
  • Curriculum
  • Extracurricular programs (check with your local community rec center)
  • YMCA membership
  • Sports clubs or gear
  • Tutors
  • Online educational services
  • Musical instruments
  • To pay vendors for educational services