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Below you will find the class descriptions for each of our age groups. Please note that all of our classes and age groups seek to have a Biblical portion for each class. 

Nursery: This class is geared toward our smallest co-op members 0-1 year olds. This class is for the babies who still need moms with them for a little bit during the co-op day. This class has simple activities and toys for this age group. 

Toddler: We offer a toddler class at Hope Co-Op. This class is for our kids who are around 15 months-2.5 years old. This class has a little bit more hands on activities than the nursery. The kids are able to go outside, weather permitting, they color, dance, work on gross motor skills, learn Bible stories, have rest time (if needed), and do a number of different age appropriate activities. All of our toddlers have so much fun in this class. 

Pre-K: This class is for our 3 & 4 year olds. This class will have more involved activities such as working on fine motor skills, art classes, Bible stories, phonics, numbers, show and tell, and science. All of our PreK kids have so much fun in these classes. 

Kindergarten: Our kindergarten class is for those kids who are in kindergarten and who are 5 years old. This class does a lot of fun activities and classes such as gym, art, science, Bible, and some core subjects as well. The kindergartners in Hope really enjoy all that they learn and do in this class. They also have a fun Kindergarten graduation at our Spring Semester Family Night. 

1st-2nd Grade: Our first and second graders learn so much during co-op. They are involved in classes that involve history, geography, science, Bible, art, math, literature and PE. Kids will be challenged learning, reading, exploring and experimenting in different classes that they are sure to have fun in. 

3rd-4th Grade: Third and Fouth graders will begin to have classes that are a bit more advanced than the 1st-2nd graders. We offer Apologia science classes, US geography, world geography, history, reading/literature classes, PE, and Bible classes. Third and fourth graders really learn a lot in each semester and have a wonderful time. 

5th-8th Grade: Our 5th-8th graders are provided a number of enrichment activities such as art, drama, PE, along with science, literature, history, geography, Bible, and many other classes that offer a wide variety of different lessons that they are sure to learn a lot and have a blast together. 

Clubs:  Something new that Hope Co-Op offers is a couple of 'after hours' clubs that students can enjoy after the co-op day. These are not required but can be enjoyable for everyone. Past clubs have included art club, games club, and science fair club. This is something new that we have implemented into our program that the students really have enjoyed in past semesters.