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The application period for the 2024-2025 academic year is now closed.

Please choose to receive prospective member emails to stay updated with pertinent HOPE Co-op prospective member updates.

-HOPE Co-op Admin Team

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How did you hear about HOPE Co-op?

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Are you on any other school waitlists or applying to other homeschool groups?

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I understand that HOPE Co-op is a cooperative homeschool community that requires full parental participation on campus for the entire meeting day.


During your prospective member meeting, you will have the opportunity to hear even more detailed information about Co-op classes, teachers, etc. as well as be able to ask additional questions you may not have found an answer to on the site. (Please also see our FAQ page for the FAQs that we receive). If however, after having read through all our pages explaining the details about how our Co-op works if you have any additional questions, please submit them here:

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I agree to receiving emails from HOPE Co-op for prospective member updates.

Prospective members will be included on the email list for the current or upcoming open application period. After that application period has closed, those emails will be removed from the prospective member email list.

(Please note that if you do not agree, you will not receive email announcements about upcoming meeting dates, etc.)

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