Over 25 years ago, Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Association was founded on Christian principles. Motivated by that foundation, we

continue to serve as a year-round ministry to support and encourage home educating families and groups in a five-county 

area surrounding Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as they pursue a uniquely tailored educational path for their children. 




HAHA exists to connect, cultivate, and compel the homeschool community throughout the central PA area by pursuing the following mission: 



Provide information, resources, and activities that will assist families in the education of their homeschooled children. 


Provide training opportunities & support for leadership teams of co-ops, hybrids,and other groups and by coordinating inclusive student activities, competition, and forums for showcasing accomplishments.


Activate and empower the homeschooling community  to be a unified voice on behalf of themselves and other parents in preserving their right to educate their own children as they see fit.




Current and Future goals to fulfill our mission.




Welcome & assist families new to homeschooling and/or new to homeschooling in PA

Coordinate inclusive student activities to promote & showcase educational achievement

Advertise for businesses wanting access to our members

Help families get connected within the homeschooling community where they can find friends & support

Provide leadership training and support

Inform the homeschooling community of legislation that impacts their rights & freedoms

Answer questions or provide resources regarding PA Homeschool Law 

Hold yearly meetings with homeschool community leaders

Provide ways & opportunities to communicate with government representatives

Provide field trips for all ages

Provide free advertisement 

Lobby for the rights of homeschooling families

Coordinate clubs for kids with specific interests


Plan & execute large scale events, i.e. special speakers, retreats, conferences, fairs, etc. 

Provide listings of evaluators and educational options within the homeschooling community