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Thank you for your interest in the Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Assn. (HAHA). To begin the membership process, we ask that you please fill out the form below and click the continue button at the bottom when you are through.

HAHA is the premier spot for information regarding homeschooling in central PA.   This information comes to you primarily in the form of e-mails.   We do not, however, want to overwhelm you with too much information so we offer you several different options about what types of e-mails you are interested in receiving.

When filling out this membership form, about halfway down, are several "sections" with checkboxes.  These sections are utilized to help us determine the type of e-mails you want to receive. All e-mails are carefully pre-screened for relevancy to homeschooling and/or family life.  If you check off a box, you will receive e-mails related to those categories.  You can change your preferences anytime.  The general e-mail sections are as follows:

Jr. highschoolers - info. relevant to anyone with a student aged 12 - 14

Sr. highschoolers - info. relevant for anyone with a student aged 15+

Community Information - family-friendly activities in the community that may not be homeschooling related, but may present a nice opportunity for your family

Prayer team - members will receive prayer requests from anyone in our group that has requested prayer or assistance

Super Savers - e-mails sent out that will offer you various discounts and make you aware of FREEbies in the area or online.  This category of e-mails has come to be one of our member's favorites as there are many times you will be notified of online resources that are great supplements to your curriculum that are totally FREE.

You will also be asked to determine if you are interested in weekly e-mail updates, forum notices, and classifieds.  If you do not want these types of e-mails, you can choose to turn them off altogether.  If you choose to receive them, you will be given the option to receive the forum and classifieds immediately or all at once in a daily digest format.   The forum is an e-mail "board" that allows you and others in the group to ask questions and get feedback from other members.  The classifieds section is a spot where you can buy and/or sell items.  There is no charge to list anything in the classifieds.  Classifieds items do not have to be related to homeschooling.  Weekly e-mail updates come on Saturday mornings and are a listing of all of the events that are available to sign up for in the next 30 days.

To finalize your membership, please be sure to follow the other steps listed under the "How do we join?" link.


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