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Tutors & Music Instruction

The following is a list of the music instructors and tutors who may be available for lessons and sessions during class hours at TEACH co-op. Parents are encouraged to contact the instructors directly to schedule lessons/session times. 

We welcome our music instructors: 

Virginia (Ginny) Thorpe - Ginny teaches classes and private lessons in her home studio in Elverson (near Twin Valley High School). If you would like more information about music instruction or to get on the email list for her studio, contact Ginny at 610-858-3010 or seventhorpes@gmail.com.  Click here to learn more.

Sean Fox - In his music studio on Main Street in Morgantown, Sean teaches guitar and piano to ages 5 to adult. His styles rangefrom worship music to classical guitar and piano, to jazz.  Schedule lessons by emailing foxmusiclessons@gmail.com.

Marcy Fox - Teaching violin and classical singing out of her studio on Main Street Morgantown, Marcy leads 3 musical theatre programs a year for ages 8-15, with public performances. Schedule lessons by emailing foxmusiclessons@gmail.com.


Private Music Instructors  -  please contact bethanygracecoop@gmail.com if you are interested in teaching private lessons




Jodi Derr has a degree in Specialized Education and Elementary Education with 25 plus years experience teaching and tutoring special needs students. She taught at Conestoga Christian School and has been tutoring since the late 1980’s. She will teach/tutor students in reading, mathematics, or writing skills at the elementary and middle school levels. Jodi tutors students in writing skills at the high school level.

Contact Jodi at ronjod@dejazzd.com or 717-336-6710.


Jewel Martin is a certified Elementary Education Teacher (K-6) as well as a Special Education Teacher (K-12). She taught elementary learning support in Cocalico School District prior to the birth of her children 16 years ago, and in more recent years has taught elementary language arts summer school and has done substitute teaching throughout the school year. She will teach/tutor students in reading, mathematics, or writing skills at the elementary level on co-op days. 

Contact Jewel at djmartin518@yahoo.com or 717-419-2116.