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Tutors & Music Instruction

The families of TEACH are blessed by the various special instructors we host for our students. The following is a list of the music instructors and tutors who are available for lessons and sessions on Tuesdays during co-op hours at Bethany Grace Fellowship Church. Parents are encouraged to contact the instructors directly to schedule lesson/session times.

Music Instructors


Suzanne Haddon loves teaching piano and woodwind (clarinet, flute & saxophone) private lessons.  Second or third grade is a good starting age for piano and fourth or fifth grade to begin woodwind. Suzanne has a B.S. in music education from West Chester University. She has taught instrumental music in several Christian schools in the county and substitute taught in the public schools. Suzanne has played clarinet in the New Holland Band since high school and has served as a board member of this community band. She is a member of  Calvary Monument Bible Church and sings or plays clarinet on their worship team. Suzanne and her husband Chuck live in New Holland, and they homeschool their two teenage sons.

To discuss instruction or to schedule a lesson, please call 717-354-6926 or email [email protected].

Amanda Horning crop

Amanda Horning offers ukelele classes during Bethany Grace co-op meetings. She also offers private lessons in Piano.

Please contact Amanda at (717-799-3135) or [email protected] to schedule lessons.




Jodi Derr has a degree in Specialized Education and Elementary Education with 25 plus years experience teaching and tutoring special needs students. She taught at Conestoga Christian School and has been tutoring since the late 1980’s. She will teach/tutor students in reading, mathematics, or writing skills at the elementary and middle school levels. Jodi tutors students in writing skills at the high school level.

Contact Jodi at [email protected] or 717-336-6710.