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Photo Permissions Form

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The answers of this form will be kept private. Only necessary individual leaders within the TEACH organization will view this information in order to determine a photograph is permissible to display privately within our group (such as within the yearbook or private TEACH website photo ablum) or within public sphere. Our goal is that all are comfortable. If your family has a sensitive situation and wish to review photos ahead of release or wish to talk with an administrator about questions or concerns, please indicate within the comment section.


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Your Family Photo Permissions...Please indicate ALL that apply below to your family preference. (Select at least 1 of the checkboxes below)

  1. Pictures displayed privately will only be displayed within our TEACH group on a password protected yearbook and/or the secure private TEACH website. 
  2. You do not wish to share the faces of your family on any photos. 
  3. You give permission for your family's face to be displayed publicly. (Ex. A sports photo in the Scrawls or Newspaper)
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1-I give permission to use family faces privately 3-I give permission to use family faces publicly
2-Please DO NOT share our family's faces in photos

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Are you interested in purchasing a yearbook? Please note your answer intdicates interest rather than commitment.

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