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This is the sign-up application to become a member family of the H.O.P.E. Christian Homeschool Co-op. To become a member you must pay $10/school year for the website maintenence fee. This pays for you to access our private website. This fee does NOT cover the cost for your family to register for classes. (Please see FAQ to learn more).

**If you have never been a part of our co-op before and are signing up to be put on our Potential Member List, please do NOT pay this fee until after you know you have a spot in the co-op for the following semester.

The primary person listed should be the parent who is regularly coming to co-op. The secondary person is the primary person's spouse (if applicable) and may or may not be coming to co-op.

Please list ALL of the children coming to co-op with you, including infants and toddlers. 

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