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Welcome to the Upper Arlington Christian Homeschoolers Co-op website.

Here you will find some information regarding our support group operating in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area and homeschooling in general. Please contact us with your questions about future membership or information needs by completing a form on the "I'm interested..." tab.

Welcome to the Upper Arlington Christian Homeschoolers Co-op website!

Enrollment for new members is always open. Membership fees are as follows: 

$50 if sign up from June 1 - June 30; $60 if sign up from July 1 - November 30; $30 if sign up from December 1 - May 31st.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions in our meeting place, we have decided to cancel our in-building classes for the spring. We still plan to meet the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month, but these will be scheduled off campus. We are looking forward to planning field days, hikes, field trips, Moms Nights Out, . . .our schedule is limited only by our creativity. Lord willing, classes will be running from March thru May this spring.

We hope to hear from you soon!!