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How Do I Become a Member of CACH?

Membership for the 2024-2025 school year begins with early registration starting May 1st for current members. 

Membership will begin for new members at 9am on June 1, if space remains.  At that time, you will see a "join" button on the top right hand corner of our home page.  Click this link to submit your application.

To participate in fall classes, you must register before August 16, 2024.  Spring class registration will open Dec 2024, if spaces open up.

What do I need to do to become a CACH member?

 Membership in CACH will be open to anyone:  

  • who agrees with and abides by the CACH Statement of Faith and CACH Bylaws & Policies and Procedures;
  • who will abide by the Ohio homeschooling laws as stated in the Ohio Revised Code; and
  • whose oldest homeschooled child reaches Kindergarten age for notification/enrollment purposes.

Members must:  

  • Complete an application by clicking the "join" button at the top of the page.  Pay the annual dues and any class fees required by the group.
  • Serve the group according to the Co-op Membership Requirements as stated in the CACH Policies and Procedures document.

Members are entitled to:

  • access to members-only portions of the group’s website;
  • all e-mail communications, including announcements of interest to CACH members and homeschoolers in general;
  • full access to all CACH activities (support group meetings, classes & field trips, parties, etc.). 
  • To begin the registration process, click the "Join" link at the upper righthand corner at the top of this page.

You will not be approved for membership on this website until we have received your completed application, have spoken with leadership and have made payment for your annual membership dues.