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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why Join CACH?

We are a volunteer led & operated co-op serving members in various ways.  Our classes are intended to provide academic material and friendships to enrich your family’s homeschooling experience.

CACH is not a drop-off program. The families enrolled manage this organization and it is the combined efforts of all families that have made this co-op a success.  We serve in various roles as teachers, helpers, activity coordinators, and leaders to make sure we are serving each other as Christ would have us do (John 13:14-17, Galatians 5:13-15, and Ephesians 5:21).

Who May Join CACH?

Families who will agree to abide by our Statement of Faith and Bylaws/Policies and Procedures, pay their annual dues, AND whose oldest homeschooled child will be enrolled as a Kindergarten student may join UACH.   We cannot allow those with preschool-aged children as their oldest homeschooled child to join at this time.

When do you meet?

We usually meet on the first and third Thursdays of the month for classes from September through November (or early December) and January through April.  

What is the cost to join CACH?

Membership fees for new CACH members are currently $50 per family per year for those joining during the month of June.  The fee increases to $60 per year per family for those joining in July.  Families enrolled in classes usually have a $5 per child class fee each of the two semesters - sometimes more for classes like cooking, woodworking, art, . . . This fee is determined by the class instructors and is used to cover the cost of materials used in the class.

What does a class day look like?

We open with announcements and prayer time at 10:15am., have two classes lasting about 50 minutes each, and end with closing announcements and prayer at 12:20pm. (we're done by 12:30pm.)  We have after-class picnic once a month and social time as the church schedule allows.  Weather permitting, we meet for this outside on the church playground; otherwise, we meet indoors in the church Gym.  All classes are held at Northwest Chapel, located at 6700 Rings Road, Dublin, Ohio.

Do you allow families who have children enrolled in charter (or community) schools, including those where instruction takes place in the home to join CACH?

We do allow member families who have enrolled one or more of their children in programs such as Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) or OHDELA.  We do not restrict our membership in this manner.  There is also no restriction about what type of home education is to be used by families seeking to join CACH.  We only require that you complete any necessary notification of your home school district as required by the Ohio Revised Code.

 What kinds of activities and events does CACH offer?

§  Classes are currently offered for preschool-aged children through 8th grade, with 9th through 12th classes offered based on the number of students enrolled.  A nursery is available for infants through 3 years old.

§  Kick-off and End-of-the-Year Parties

§  Christmas Party - Celebrate Christ's birthday with a service project

§  Valentine's Day Party - Valentine exchange party

§  Field Trips

§  Spelling Bee - Spelling competition for students in K-8

§  Academics Fair - Incorporates different subjects: Science, Biography, International, and other subjects.  Students research a topic, create a display board and report, and make a presentation at the Fair

§  Standardized Testing (if demand warrants the administration)

What if I want to be a part of field trips, educational fairs, and parties but do not want to participate in classes?

At this time, we are not offering a non-class status option.  All of our members must also participate on class day.

 What is After-Class Picnic/Social Time?

This is a time for moms (and dads!) and kids to eat lunch and fellowship together.  We build closer relationships when we eat together and play together.  Families bring packed lunches and eat picnic-style either outside on the playground or inside in the Gym (location determined by weather conditions).  Kids usually bring activities (jump ropes, balls, crafts, other games—board or group sport) to share with the other kids.  This is also time for leadership meetings to happen as needed.  We all help to make sure the location is picked-up as if we were never there afterward.  This event usually occurs after classes from 12:30-2:00pm.  There are a few dates when this event does not occur due to church scheduling conflicts. 

What does CACH offer for moms' support?

In the past, CACH has offered:

-Monthly Mom's Support Group meetings on various topics for discussion

-a Family Needs Coordinator who coordinates dinners and other practical helps for new moms or families in crisis

-a Prayer Requests program whereby prayers can be sent to the whole group on an urgent basis for prayer support

-Weekly e-mailings with special information pertinent to homeschoolers in general and CACH in particular