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Volunteer Policies

Parent Volunteer Requirement

In order to fulfill your obligation in partnering with the PATH program, each family is required to participate in a volunteer capacity. Unless a family is serving in another pre-approved volunteer capacity, they will be required to clean the rooms used by PATH on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at Faith Church.

  • The PATH cleaning coordinator will assign each family 4-6 days to clean throughout the year.
  • It is the family’s responsibility to note the scheduled dates on their personal calendar. It is not the responsibility of the cleaning coordinator or PATH leadership to make sure each family remembers their assigned cleaning dates.
  • Any family that does not show up on their assigned date and at their assigned time will be charged a $50 cleaning fee. This fee will be due by the following PATH date in order for their student to continue attending PATH classes.
  • Any family wishing to opt out of cleaning for the year may pay a onetime cleaning fee of $100. This fee is to be paid on orientation night and is non-refundable.