CHOICE Homeschool Group

Science Fair


**Other variations of the Science Fair are the History Fair, Book Fair, or Omni Fair**

CHOICE has a Science Fair, History Fair, Book Fair, or Omni Fair every few years. When we have a group of moms who want to plan it, it is really beneficial to the students. Here are some ideas for planning one of these events:

1. Location:

  • The cafe in the Gym at Whitefield Baptist Church is large enough to put out enough tables to hold all of the fair projects and boards. They have a kitchen where we can put out snacks or a meal if we want to provide that. We can also use the kitchen to clean up in case anybody has a messy project to present.

  • The fellowship hall at Holy Trinity is a nice location to be able to put out project boards. They have a stage and a sound system if we want to use it. They have a kitchen where we can prepare snacks or a meal if we want to provide that. We can also use the kitchen to clean up in case anybody has a messy project to present. They also have a small playground if some of the little kids want to go outside to play.

2. Cost:

  • The Fair usually does not cost any money other than what the families put into the projects themselves.

  • If the Fair Planning Committee would like to spend money on having a fun project or other activity for all of the kids to do together that day, they can volunteer to split the cost, ask the families to donate supplies or a few dollars to help split the cost, or they can check with the CHOICE Treasurer about any money left in the event fund that they can use.

3. Date:

  • November - A lot of times we do not have a large group event in November so if the planning can start at the beginning of the school year, we can plan for a day then.

  • Any Month - The Fair really can be held any time of the year. The students just need enough time to plan what they are doing and have time to do their project and possibly write a paper, if mom wants them to.

  • During ETC or ECHO Hours - one good time to have the Fair is one week during co-op time. Most of the families are already there so it would be easy to have help setting up and cleaning up.

4. Time:

  • One to Two Hours - The Fair can last as long as you want it to.

5. Activities:

  • Project Boards - The students can come in and set up their station. Sometimes we have judges go around and have the students present their projects to them. The judges would then pick winners, and the winners get prizes.

  • Presentations - If the students want to, they could do a short presentation about their project.

  • Taste-Testing - If you are having a Fair that has to do with countries or time periods, the students or parents could bring dishes for everyone to try a litte bit of.

  • Group Project -

    • For a Science Fair, you could have the supplies for all of the students to do a quick project together like the Mentos and soda experiment, magnifying glasses and light, viewers for an upcoming eclipse, etc...

    • For a Book Fair, you could have some students read a favorite poem aloud or recite something from memory. You coudl also have a parent read a book to the children.

    • For a History Fair, you could have someone from another state or country speak for a few minutes to everyone about living in a different decade or a different place.

    • For an Omni Fair, you could do just about anything!

  • Awards Presentation - You could give out certificates for participation and prizes for the winners.


**Click here to see a list of the supplies CHOICE has for you to use if you want**