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CHOICE 2020/2021

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Please be sure to complete  the entire application.  It is important that the birthdate and grade are accurate for each child.   (Please list all children living in your home who fall in the age range from new born to 12th grade of whom you are legal guardian) Also note that the primary and secondary names should be the legal guardians' of the children, usually the mother and father.

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Additional Questions:

CHOICE is a member group of SCHEA (State wide support group).  You may join SCHEA for only $15/year.  Please seriously consider this.  SCHEA provides many services for homeschoolers in South Carolina.  Visit  for more information.

The following questions are required for those applying to CHOICE for the first time.  You MUST supply at least 2 references from previous support groups or other organizations. (if you have never been apart of a support group, please supply church or other references.)   _____________________________

_____________________________ We will invoice you as soon as you are approved. Thanks!!