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Kindergarten Graduation


We love to celebrate the accomplishments of our kindergarteners as they prepare to enter elementary school. They have done their best to learn to read and write, and we want to reward them for that.

1. Location Recommendations:

  • The Holy Trinity Fellowship Hall is perfect for a small Kindergarten Graduation. There is a stage, a sound system, tables, chairs, and a kitchen.

  • The Whitefield Baptist Church Multipurpose Room is nice for a small Kindergarten Graduation. It has tables, chairs, and a kitchen.

  • New Life Christian Center's sanctuary is nice if you have a larger graduating class. The church has the sanctuary, sound system, tables, chairs, and a kitchen.

  • We have also used churches that one of our members attends.

2. Theme:

  • The theme for Kindergarten Graudation can be fun. We have done primary colors, Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places You'll Go, the alphabet, and more.

  • You can theme the decorations, the food, the book being read, and more.

3. Graduate Tables:

  • Each family could set up a table to show the accomplishments of each child from the school year. It could be school work, art work, a project, etc.

4. Photographer:

  • If requested, you can have a photographer that takes lots of pictures so that you can enjoy your day with your child.

5. Family and Friends:

  • Invite family and friends to help celebrate the graduation. It would be nice as well to have some families who have children who will be participating the following year so they can help run things while the parents enjoy their day. This also allows those families to see how the graduation is run so they know what to do the following year.

6. Church representative:

  • Make sure you have someone either in the group or someone from the church who knows how to turn things on like the lights, air conditioning, sound board, and video screens. If it is someone from the church who is not in our group, maybe consider taking up a love offering from the families to give them as a thank you for helping out.

7. On the day of the ceremony:

  • Everyone shows up early to help decorate and to have a short rehearsal

  • Have printed programs to give to attendess. They could include the year, the school, the graduates names, the parents names, a small bio of each child, etc.

  • The order of ceremony could be as follows:

    • Graduation March

      • Have the march playing as the children walk down the center aisle or have each child walk in with the parents. They can sit together as a class or as a family.

    • Special Speaker

      • The speaker could welcome everyone and give an encouraging word to the students.

    • Diplomas

      • Call each one of the children by name to go up to get their diploma. The parents could come too, and they can get a picture made. Have a few things to say about each child as they are walking.

    • Special Time

      • Next could be anything specifically for the children. You could have a parent read a book to the children, you could give out special awards to the children, or you could have the children sing a song or recite a Bible verse.

    • Dismissal

      • Thank everyone for coming and pray over the families and the food.

  • Reception

    • The reception can be lunch, snacks, or just cake and ice cream. Spend some time together celebrating the graduation. Take pictures by a photo backdrop and let the kids be with their families.

These are only some ideas of many. There are people in CHOICE who have participated in or have directed a kindergarten graduation before so ask around if you would like some ideas or input. Attending a planning meeting is a good way of getting several ideas or volunteers at one time.

If you would like more information about this year's graduation ceremony, please email

**Click here to see a list of the supplies CHOICE has for you to use if you want**